The REAL Election Surprise? 

Pat Caddell may surprise you with this great thought-provoking article. He points out what the pollsters and talking heads have completely missed. He predicts what the real surprise will be. The driving force behind this election is not about either candidate or their proposed policies. This election will boil down to which candidate will cut the rug out from under the political elite and their power base. The revolt is brewing across party lines and regardless of who wins this election, the revolt is not over. Read this great op-ed starting here.

As Written By Patrick Caddell for Fox News:

For more than two years the American people, in a great majority, from left to right, have been in revolt against the political class and the financial elites in America. It is a revolt with historic parallels, most closely resembling the Jacksonian revolution of the 1820s. It is an uprising. It is a peaceful uprising of a people who see a country in decline and see nothing but failure in the performance of their leadership institutions. And they have signaled their intent to take back their country and to reclaim their sovereignty.

Unfortunately, the analysts, the pollsters and most importantly the commentariat of the political class have never understood, and in fact are psychologically incapable of understanding what is happening. And for the entire cycle of this presidential campaign they have failed to grasp what was happening before their eyes – for it runs counter to everything they believe about themselves.

In truth, they are suffering from cognitive dissonance  believing in their righteous superiority and are not capable of realizing that it is they who have become the adversary of the American people. And therefore they have been wrong, in this entire election cycle, every step of the way.

For them, American politics only began yesterday. They know little history and have no appreciation of the collective consciousness of the American people. Whether it is the campaign of Bernie Sanders, who came within a hair’s breadth of knocking out the coronated nominee of the Democratic establishment or on the other side, the emergence of the total outsider Donald Trump, the most improbable candidate of all. In truth, Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump, sucked from the same trough even if it was from opposite ends. But the critical point that is missed, by almost everyone, was that neither Sanders nor Trump created this uprising. They were chosen vehicles – they did not create these movements, these movements created them.

In less than a day we will know how far this revolt has come. But, make no mistake, whatever the outcome, this revolt is not ending, it is merely beginning.

Several years ago, I began, with my colleagues at Armada, an ongoing, in-depth research project on what has become known as the “Candidate Smith” project. A good friend of mine, Lee Hanley, who sadly just passed away, volunteered to begin this project with only one charge: that we explore my hypothesis that something profound was happening in the collective consciousness of the American people…….

Source: Patrick Caddell: The real election surprise? The uprising of the American people | Fox News



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  • end of america

    If hillary loses, how long until she dumps bill?

    • yennikcm

      Which foreign country will they call home?

    • Elaine Morris

      She WILL have a total break down.
      Clinton heal your sin or your sin will kill you:
      Expository study of Romans: Kill your sin or it will kill you! … an hour here below exempt from elements and conditions of evil residing not merely …. “but if by the Spirit you are putting to death the deeds of the body, you will live.

    • ONTIME

      As long as she loses, “What difference does it make now?”

  • Elaine Morris

    I worr​ied about this because I live in Texas. There are a LOT of Illegals here in Texas.
    Judge Andrew Hanen issued a ruling against Obama’s directive for DHS to stop deportation procedures against illegals. His 123-page opinion states clearly that the DHS was not given any ‘discretion by law’ to grant 4.3 million removable aliens ‘legal presence.'” Judge Hanen wrote, “In fact, the law mandates that these illegally-present individuals be removed.”
    …while it is illegal for anyone not a US citizen to vote in US elections, under severe penalties, the Democrats hope that enough fraudulent votes will be cast to create overwhelming confusion to electoral outcomes as to make corrections a prohibitively expensive and drawn out process.
    Add to that the fact that through massive voter fraud from refugees granted asylum, visa recipients, states issuing driver’s licenses and ID cards to illegals and the Supreme Court decision that nobody needs to show proof-of-citizenship when registering to vote and when casting a vote, especially by mail-in ballot, the votes of legitimate American citizens could be permanently nullified.

    There seems to be only one solution on the horizon if the states themselves will act. The state legislatures of Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and any Republican majority northern states must pass 
legislation making it a state crime for any non-citizen to vote in any election held in that state, violations to be punishable by five years and a $100,000.00 fine.
 If the states can’t check their citizenship when they register there is nothing to stop the states from checking afterwards.


    • William F

      I believe that all state issued IDs should have an endorsement that the holder of it is a U.S. citizen.

      • Elaine Morris

        What country are you in? If you were born in the U.S., you took govt classes as well as history classes to understand our laws. They have, literally, invaded a country.
        If they are were born in Mexico, they are not a U.S. Citizen UNLESS they went through the process of becoming a U.S. Citizen.
        For that matter, try to going to Mexico or any other foreign country without doing it the legal way.
        Don’t you remember that Military man that took the wrong turn on a freeway and ended up in a Mexican Prison? (I am thinking his name was Tamorsi).
        Trump got him out…that’s not the issue here in our conversation.

        • William F

          What the heck are you talking about? I am well aware of the problem of illegal immigration. Will you please read what I wrote again. Many states issue IDs and DLs to people who are not born in the U.S. You so not have to be born in the U.s. to have a stated ID or a Drivers License. You do have to be a U.S. citizen to vote however. Hence a ‘U.S. Citizen’ endorsement on the ID or Drivers License. Maybe you should not get so bent out of shape when you read something and think about what it is you just read.

  • Toni Welnhofer

    Hillary will lose, and I will be just so glad Im not a part of her campaign. Cuz those guys will be reemed from there heads to their toes. She will suck the life out of them. And then she’ll threaten them all to keep their mouths shut other wise you will meet her Clinton Machine.

  • Webuppp

    or the fatest ass there is. God forbid she wins, she would be the first undercover lesbo in our white house. Surely Jesus cant be far away, which in my humble opinion would be the bellwether if she gets in

  • dhd123

    Latest Results: 98.3% of Americans Say Hillary Should Go to Jail for Her Crimes