The second most important action of President Trump’s Presidency so far

Probably the second most important action of President Trump’s Presidency so far is the shunning of the Paris Climate agreement. By withdrawing from this anti-American activity, the President has braved the storms of the environmental fuzzies and made a statement about what is good for America. It is a basic business decision made by a savvy businessman. Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich sings the praises here. Read on.

As Written, Reported and seen first on Fox News by Newt Gingrich:

President Trump’s speech Thursday was extraordinarily important and powerful.

He set the stage for a new, practical common-sense approach to a better environment with a better economy. He also re-established the sound principle that an American president’s first obligation is to the American people and the American nation. Finally, he brilliantly concluded his analysis with an emphasis on renegotiation.

As someone who taught environmental studies, participated in the second

Earth Day back in 1971, and coauthored a proposal for a pro-environment conservatism with Dr. Terry Maple, I am delighted that President Trump is courageous enough to reject the social pressure, the worldwide chant of elitists, and the pleas of foreign leaders eager to preserve an anti-American treaty.

My opposition to the international swamp (a system even more destructive and dangerous than the Washington swamp) goes back a long way.

The original Kyoto Protocol (engineered by then-Vice President Al Gore and the environmental extremists) was so anti-American, the United States Senate voted 99-0 against its implementation. Even then……….


Gingrich: Trump and Paris — Let the negotiations begin | Fox News



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