The State Department to Release the Deleted Hillary Emails Uncovered by the FBI

Remember these emails? These are the ones that her legal team said were provided. But just like everything else the pathological liar has said, it was a lie. The State Department has said they are prepared and will release the emails that had been deleted and uncovered by the FBI. Read more below.

Hillary evil

As Written By SARAH WESTWOOD for the Washington Examiner:

State Department officials plan to publish all work-related emails discovered on Hillary Clinton’s private servers by the FBI once agents turn over the records Clinton withheld from the government.

“Just as we processed the material turned over to the department by former Secretary Clinton, we will appropriately and with due diligence process any additional material that we receive from the FBI to identify work-related records and make them available to the public,” agency spokesman John Kirby said Wednesday.

Clinton had previously stated her legal team provided everything that could possibly considered related to her State Department work to the agency in late 2014.

State Dept. to release deleted Clinton emails uncovered by FBI | Washington Examiner



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