There’s one VERY disturbing thing I hope wasn’t in Ryan’s spending bill

We just saw our Congress and president sign another wasteful Omnibus spending bill. President Obama has recently stated he will not take any action against ISIS with dedicated U.S. ground troops because there will be deaths, injuries, and massive costs. Sadly today we learned six American servicemen lost their lives due to a Taliban suicide bomber in that combat theater of operations where Obama said combat operations had ended.

As Written By Allen B. West:

Six American families will receive horrific news this Christmas time, but fear not, Obama is enjoying his Hawaii vacation.

But what about another cost the progressive socialist left defends with all its heart: funds delivered to the Palestinian Authority and the Islamic terror group, Fatah?

I came across this very good video from the Jerusalem Institute of Justice. It depicts just how foolish we in America — and indeed the West — have been with funneling billions of dollars to people who are not only killing our Jewish allies. They are also oppressing their own people. This is what Islamic totalitarianism is all about, and we are funding it.

And don’t forget, Yasser Arafat was real chummy with former President Bill Clinton and then First Lady Hillary. Is that what you REALLY want back in the White House? Then again, we already have an Islamist sympathizer there now, so what’s the difference.

But I just gotta ask, how much funding to Fatah was in that Omnibus spending bill?



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  • Shiner

    NOT ONE of these traitors actually read this bill. Sound familiar? Do they think this is responsible representation. Is this how they “look after” us? What would happen if ALL Americans just decided to not pay their taxes.

  • tibi

    I think Ryan is a muslim. He sure grew the beard after he was elected

  • Steve Sanders

    Washington DC does not work for the people they work for the
    Lobbyist paying them millions to push their programs and laws look at Common
    core it’s all cronyism that is forcing this asinine program onto our kids. The Government has failed us and it is time to eliminate all who enjoy its comforts

  • John Brashear

    the biggest COVER UP, is his Lack of REAL ID and Credentials, No Real Birth Certificate, Fake Draft Card, and False Social Security Numbers that were issued to someone else, Hawaii has NO Birth Records of obama, ANY PLACE, and Congress refuses to Impeach