This One’s Gonna Leave A Mark: ANOTHER Liberal Group AND Friend, Turns On Hillary Clinton

As Reported By The Daily Caller:

A liberal group that has longtime Clinton friend Robert Reich as its chairman of the board is calling on the Clinton Foundation to open up its books to an outside audit and to stop accepting donations from foreign entities.

Common Cause issued the statement on Friday, a day after a bombshell report from The New York Times laid out how Hillary Clinton’s State Department signed off on a deal that allowed the Russians to gain control of one-fifth of America’s uranium supply.

The deal involved a company founded by Canadian mining tycoon Frank Giustra, who has pledged $100 million to the Clinton Foundation.

“Citing concerns about potential conflicts of interest and the influence of hidden overseas donors, Common Cause called on presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton and the Clinton Foundation today to commission an independent and thorough review of all large donations to the foundation and to release the results,” the statement reads. 

Common Cause executive director, Miles Rapoport, who was formerly with the progressive group Demos, cited a New York Times editorial from Thursday which asserted that the Clinton Foundation failed to live up its agreement to disclose donors. 

“The foundation’s omissions create significant gaps in the information that voters need to make informed decisions at the polls,” Rapoport said.


Liberal Group Calls For Audit Of Clinton Foundation | The Daily Caller.

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