Troops Push Back! Navy Secretary Threw Us Under The Bus

Marines involved in a controversial experiment evaluating a gender-integrated infantry unit say they feel betrayed by Navy Secretary Ray Mabus after he criticized the results of a nine-month study that found women are injured more frequently and shoot less accurately in simulated combat conditions.

As Reported By Thomas Gibbons-Neff for The Washington Post:

“Our secretary of the Navy completely rolled the Marine Corps and the entire staff that was involved in putting this [experiment] in place under the bus,” said Sgt. Danielle Beck, a female anti-armor gunner with the task force.

Mabus questioned the findings of the research after a four-page summary of the results was released Thursday, saying he still thinks all jobs in the Marine Corps should be opened to women. He said results that found women were more than twice as likely to be injured and ultimately compromise a unit’s combat effectiveness were an “extrapolation based on injury rates, and I’m not sure that’s right,” he told NPR.

Sgt. Joe Frommling, one of the Marines who acted as one of Beck’s monitors for the experiment, said he was frustrated with the secretary’s comments.

“What Mabus said went completely against what the command was saying the whole time,” said Frommling. “They said, ‘Hey, no matter what your opinion is, go out there and give it your best and let the chips fall where they may.’”

“All the work that the task force did, the rounds that we shot, didn’t mean anything if he had already made up his mind,” he added.

Capt. Patrick McNally, a spokesman for the secretary, said Mabus had no further comment beyond his earlier remarks and “remains committed to opening combat fields to women.”


Navy secretary threw us ‘under the bus,’ say Marines in gender-integrated infantry unit – The Washington Post




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  • Linda Shelton

    He belongs to O, what does anyone expect? Him to praise the military in any way?

  • Judith Van Doren

    an obama puppet; that is why all the generals fired because they did not agree with obama, those left or hired to replace are all of same mindset, communists. Aim is to reduce quality of USA Military, to make it easier for islamic terrorism to invade and take over. obama and democrat party are traitors.

    • Helen

      For all the ‘women’ hell bent on being ‘like a man’, go view the movie “Hellstorm”. Go view the facts about Dresden. All the horrors of war continue today. But every female needs to view Hellstorm! Guys too. But especially females. They sit in an easy chair the spoiled ignorant brats they are and fantasize about ‘war’. Well, as it appears, just maybe those females will get their chance as the power that be are determined to have WWIII (necons are NOT your friend – research who they are)…so as unfortunate as it is, it seems that these females hell bent on tasting war, will get their chance. And maybe viewing Hellstorm will help educate them.

  • Leo 6

    What did anyone expect?

  • mustang

    Mabus was a weak governor and is just a political hack. Furthermore his ideology and being a lap dog for Soetoro will not allow his to make a decision based on fact or common sense. In other words, he is a typical liberal.

  • Chas

    Yes, a Barry Soetoro puppet. Can even see the strings in his photo. This clown doesn’t have 1/5th of the smarts of Elmo, the Cookie Monster, and Miss Piggy….

    • carlcasino


  • jim scofield

    Mabus is a typical liberal political hack He did at least
    serve 2 years in the navy big whoop His theory’s will
    get a lot of Marines Killed.

  • Richard Ratliff

    I still think the only way to solve this problem with Liberals is to divide up the U.S. into the Conservative States of America (CSA) and the Liberal States of America (LSA). The LSA will soon go up in flames. I really don’t think they can survive without the CSA!

    • Helen

      God made men and women and gave each of them unique talents and abilities and regardless of how many oceans of ink inferior man uses on thousands of tons of forests to change that, ‘a rose by any other name’. I am a USAF veteran and this topic was being discussed in the middle seventies. I am a woman and happy to be one. I have no desire to be a man though I respect men. The fact that I cannot do what men do does not make me inferior and it is this Satanic contortion that has things upside down. And the idea of ‘equality in results’ is the same satanic garbage. This is the Hegelian Dilectic on display – thesis-antithesis-synthesis. Create a problem then provide a (your goal) solution and then voila, the problem is solved (synthesis). It is straight from the pit of hell and its results will be the same. The military has plenty of real problems without making up fake ones to solve some political agenda aka social engineering. The FACTS about WWII remain hidden and the lies about that are still producing its poisonous crop. Just realize that no relationship or plan for anything that begins with a lie as the foundation will ever result in anything constructive or positive for anyone. The house built on the sand is guaranteed to fall and fall it will. Plastering pretty wall paper on it (via words, reports, etc.) it won’t change the fact that the foundation is rotten. The terminates go unnoticed until the bridge falls in, and that’s the way the military works. Those at the level where the rubber meets the road are best qualified to advise on those problems, but, hey, when officers began doing NCO’s jobs and they all became political, that destroyed the military and the terminates are insatiable. God bless those who serve even though they too often have no idea what they serve.

  • right_on

    Now that DADT is moot, I find it ironic that the Secretary would still bend over for Obama….😏

  • Winghunter

    When your loyalty to a Manchurian Candidate is more important to you than doing what’s right for our country, you’ve intentionally stepped into traitor territory.