Trump Delivers Walking Papers to Obama’s Employees [Video]

You’re fired! This is no longer a reality show, this is a reality for ALL Obama ambassador appointees. The Trump Transition Team has directed to have all ambassadors vacate their offices by January 20th. This is just a small step in clearing the swamp. 

As Written By Jennifer G. Hickey and seen first on Fox News:

President-elect Donald Trump is not allowing for any diplomatic dawdling. His transition team has issued a directive that all ambassadors appointed by President Obama must leave their posts by Inauguration Day, a source confirmed Friday.

While it is standard for politically appointed ambassadors to step aside at the end of a presidential term, past administrations have offered a grace period in certain cases. An individual with knowledge of the foreign service told that Trump’s “unwillingness to consider individual cases or exigencies” appears to represent a break with protocol.

“[The directive] in itself is not that significant. But it is more unyielding than in the past,” he said.

The New York Times first reported that a State Department cable was sent to all ambassadors on Dec. 23 informing them they have to vacate their posts by Jan. 20 “without exceptions.”

Ronald E. Neumann, the president of the American Academy of Diplomacy, told the Times that he could not “recollect there was ever a guillotine in January where it was just, ‘Everybody out of the pool immediately.’”

However, Obama’s transition team sent out similar guidance — eight years ago — telling ambassadors appointed by President George W. Bush they had to leave their posts by Inauguration Day…..


Trump tells Obama’s ambassadors to leave by Inauguration Day | Fox News




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  • Koolibog

    …Maybe they can get Ambassador Stevens out quick…. oh…. wait….

  • Bobseeks

    Good for Trump.

  • Jeff Noncent

    while he is preparing for the new position, i hope that when he became the president he will take Obama and his administion to court, and throw him in jail

  • urbanvrwcmom

    Trump hasn’t been inaugurated yet, but he’s on the job; I’m loving it!

  • The Old Chip

    Trump should also carry a long pointy stick and a very bright flashlight and be poking both into every dark corner of DC (District of Corruption) to prod the miscreants and spear everything that slithers or scuttles out of hiding with his famous catch phrase; “You’re Fired”. Starting with the 44 obama appointed czars, then the six muslim brotherhood sympathizers and all the other incompetent and useless holdovers of the obama cartel and remnants from the male clinton; as in, IMPEACH, JAIL, or FIRE.

  • Barb

    Yes, I heard about Obama’s mo-in-law getting $160,000/yr after living the Life of Riley in the WH for the past 8 years. What a rip-off to this country!
    I’m so happy that all of Obama’s czars are leaving, too. There were about a dozen of them — all pulling decent paychecks from the gov’t — and no one ever heard about them or knew what they did (probably because they didn’t do anything, the socialist/commies.