Trump: ‘Here’s How I Will Rescind Obama’s Executive Actions on Illegals’

I am not sure there is many that would disagree with GOP Presidential hopeful, Donald Trump on this subject.

As Reported By The Hill:

Donald Trump says he would rescind President Obama’s executive actions on immigration and deport all undocumented immigrants if elected president.

Speaking to NBC’s “Meet the Press” in an interview that will air Sunday, Trump said that “we’re going to keep the families together, but they have to go.”

The businessman said he would “make a whole new set of standards” to replace Obama’s immigration orders.

“We will work with them. They have to go,” Trump said. “We either have a country or we don’t have a country.”

Trump has drawn controversy on the topic of immigration since he entered the presidential race June 16.


Trump: Illegal immigrants ‘have to go’ | TheHill

Trump: Here's how I will rescind Obama's Executive Action On Illegals"



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  • Wilson

    ts not controversial with the Americans I know. Seriously how long did they think we were all going to look the other way while they have baby after baby in our hospitals for free, and make a beeline to the local welfare office to get on our dime. These are their families, not ours. They DO need to go.

    • Boudica Rides

      Oh that’s no the end of it. These women then get a lawyer, the lawyer serves as a go between, between the “baby” and the welfare office. The checks are sent to him, he takes his cut out, then sends the rest to the mom in Mexico where she lives like a queen because cost of living is so much less there. It is a huge SCAM on the US Taxpayer.

  • Brandy Baron

    At last, a candidate for POTUS who isn’t afraid to go after the 900 pound gorilla in the room… what to do with the people who have violated our borders and laws and live among us illegally. Oh, I know that we hear much about ‘immigration reform’ – code for rewarding those people with legal status… amnesty AGAIN. We finally have the chance to elect a leader who will put America and Americans FIRST. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel and that light is Trump. Are you going to let it shine on us or are you going to vote for more of the same? #MakeAmericaGreatAgain with #Trump2016

    • wildman

      900 pound gorilla? You referring to moochelle ovomit??

      • Brandy Baron

        No need to be insulting big gorillas LOL

        • wildman

          Sorry 🙂

    • Boudica Rides

      Funny thing, all these “illegals” supposedly can’t vote, so why are the Rep’s so worried about raising this issue. Most Hispanics I know understand how much illegal immigration hurts everyone and especially them.

      • Brandy Baron

        I’m one of those Hispanics and I’ve been fighting illegal immigration for over a decade. The key word is ‘supposedly’… some have been caught voting. That’s only a part of the problem. Their anchor babies can vote. Do you think that the children of illegals are going to vote for what’s good for our country or what’s good for their illegal alien family and friends? (No, we can’t have both.) And then there’s the anchor babies who are entering into our political and judicial arenas. Just wait until they get a chance to change our laws.

  • hosquatch

    The Donald could win the 2016 election on just this stand ALONE!!!

  • Miko

    Are we a country ? I agree.

    • Ray

      Let’s stand up and fight then!!! Because something has to give here. We can not afford it. Zero bum has made a real mess of everything in this country.

      Let’s all stick together and fight for Mr. Trump, because this is our last chance to see America great again, I believe really and truly this is our last hope.
      Heck,let’s try it, if we like it, we will not knock it.
      Because these other candidates scares me, it would be the same as it is now with big money cartels and K Street lobbyist in Washington making the calls on how the country should be runned. It has gone on to long in Washington and they are scared of Mr. Trump, because this man needs no money from no one. He is running his own campaign and doing a damn good job of it. He has smart people that work for him, that’s why he is so successful.
      I think it is a miracle for us to have this man come along and do what he is doing for us and the country to make it great again. We owe him a vote for the President, the least we can do for him for all the time and money he is spending. I know for sure he loves America now.
      Thank You,
      Mr. Trump

      • Miko

        Ted Cruz

  • Barb3000

    One of the major reasons Trump is the person to vote for is the fact he does not need the corporations millions in donations because he is more wealthy than they are. The guy can’t be bought like the rest of them that have to depend on donations to finance their running for office and if elected be beholden to the outfits that gave them the money. That’s what is wrong with Washington that’s the number one reason the country is in such bad shape, under the table payoff’s. You will notice that not one of the contenders have even mentioned the illegals until Trump started talking about it simply because they can’t afford to pizz off their donors.