Two Things That Make the Clinton’s and the UBS Affair Stink

It is obvious that there is a relationship between the Clinton’s and the UBS. It smells of bribery, misuse of office, and fraud. The UBS is a world order financial powerhouse.

Wikipedia entry on UBS states in part:

UBS is considered the world’s largest manager of private wealth assets, with over CHF2.2 trillion in invested assets,[7] and remains a leading provider of retail banking and commercial banking services in Switzerland. In 2014, UBS’ assets under management (AuM) amounted to US$1,966.9 billion, representing a 15.4% increase in AuM compared to the equivalent data of 2013.[8] It is the biggest bank in Switzerland, operating in more than 50 countries with about 60,000 employees around the world, as of 2014.[9]

Read the entire Wikipedia UBS article HERE.

This article from ‘The Hill’ addresses Hillary Clinton’s involvement on behalf  of UBS with the IRS to shield UBS and their investors from revealing off shore accounts. From that involvement 2 things happened. The Clinton Foundation contributions from UBS greatly increased and Bill Clinton garnered over $1.5 million in “speaker fees” at UBS. Sound fishy? Smell funny? Read the details:


The Clinton’s and the sordid UBS affair:




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  • Beckah

    Would anyone like to guess at the “political affiliation of the 4450 that weren’t so lucky?

    I can’t believe that these liberal dingbats actually believe that Hitlery should be POTUS; she belongs in prison (at the very least) or being hung for TREASON!
    Liberalism truly is a mental disorder, there just is NO other explanation! Can’t wait to hear the next sound bite of Hitlery condemning the banking industry and Wall St. or to listen to the “we were flat broke” BS she spews. Makes me sick!