TX Governor Is Removing Grant Funding From County Sheriff’s That Don’t Honor THIS

Texas Governor Abbott made a decision that is sure to fire up the Obama administration. He stripped grant funding from County Sheriff’s with a Sanctuary City policy of not honoring ICE detainers.

WOW! What do you think about his decision?

gov abbott

As Written By Bob Price for Breitbart:

Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced a new plan to strip state grant funding from county sheriff’s with a Sanctuary City policy of not honoring ICE detainers. The move follows Dallas County Sheriff Lupe Valdez’s order that criminal illegal aliens in her jail will be evaluated on a case by case basis to determine if ICE detainers will be enforced.   (Full story here)


Abbott Letter on Sheriff Funding Grants



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  • KC


  • LetsJustVoidTheBillOfRights

    Go Greg, GO…!

  • Cliff Lindsay

    The first Chief Justice of the United States supreme Court , John Jay wrote, “Providence has given to our people the choice of their rulers, and it is the duty of a Christian nation to select and prefer Christians for their rulers .” Psalm 33:12 Blessed is the Nation whose God is the Lord.

  • dhd123

    I would go one step farther and have the leaders who have created a sanctuary policy, arrested and barred from ever holding public office ever again.

  • frankenbiker

    Way to go Texas, keep their bribe money out of your state. That’s why Texas is doing so well, they don’t take nearly the bribery cash that every other state does. They operate without federal funding for their sht. One of the reasons Texas economy is booming,

  • Momma

    Another star from Texas!


    Outstanding move.

  • jh

    It’s a start. I am a resident of a “sanctuary” city. Sanctuary for whom? I ask. Not me! My immediate neighbor is a coyote and, aside from the lawless aliens he brings to the area, he keeps vicious pit bulls. I am always on edge and sleep (not very well) with a .45 under my pillow. Numerous calls to HS have gone ignored and some agents are very much annoyed with me for requesting action. The police are prohibited from doing anything because this is a sanctuary for illegal aliens.

    • Conshana

      Friend, I am so saddened to hear your story. But we can thank the muslim in the white house, as well as all his MB sycophants in his cabinet.
      Pray to God we get a Constitutionalist in the White House this election cycle. In the meantime, jh, I’ll include you in my prayers.

      • bluebonnet

        TED CRUZ 2016,,,he won Iowa and he can win everywhere!!!!

  • MrInterpid

    The people of Dallas county need to get rid of “poopie valdez” at the next election.

  • Along the way

    Some Leftist, activist, unelected judge will declare it illegal and force him to reverse it. It seems that it always works that way. Hope I’m wrong.

    • jim scofield

      Don’t think it will happen Gov Abbet was AG for a long
      time and is a fine lawyer unlike Obongo.

  • jim scofield

    Just another Proud Texan saying Way to go Gov keep
    pissing off the liberals and the “O” regime