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  • hogfan949701

    I was hoping his 3 word comment was; “Not here Bi+#%!”

    • DeadMessenger

      I was thinking “Oh, HELL no!”

  • Nunnyah Biz

    I’m still waiting for “You’re Under Arrest”! “You’re Found Guilty”! And “Want A Blindfold?!

  • Vera Hamann

    Ha! Good luck with that idea Hillary!!!

  • Mickey Mouse

    If these a-holes thought they could get away with it, they’d of already done it. They know the proverbial sh#t would literally hit the fan. And running on a base of even considering slaughter of the 2nd Amendment is political suicide. She’s toast anyway. When the DNC is pushing that clown Biden to run, they have no faith in her. He’s no better, but it shows they’re not willing to bet on that horse.

  • STLstudent

    Supporting Trump in 2015… voting for Trump in 2016.

  • Chas

    Drop dead Skank!
    1 2 3

  • Bojac

    Hillary likes guns long as they are protecting her. She just doesn’t want the law abiding citizens to have protection. Stick it where the sun doesn’t shine Hillary.

  • Timmy Wilburn

    We all know she doesn’t like Americans being able to kill and destroy our enemies. Perfect example is denying the ambassador to Libya enough military protection during a act of war against America.

  • Proud_to_be_American

    I have just TWO words for that C*NT: STRANGE FRUIT.
    Look it up.