U.S. Aircraft Carrier Harry S. Truman Has Close Call With Iranian Rockets 


ATLANTIC OCEAN (Dec. 9, 2012) The X-47B Unmanned Combat Air System (UCAS) demonstrator taxies on the flight deck of the aircraft carrier USS Harry S. Truman (CVN 75). Harry S. Truman is the first aircraft carrier to host test operations for an unmanned aircraft. Harry S. Truman is underway supporting carrier qualifications. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Kristina Young/Released) 121209-N-UK248-083 Join the conversation http://www.facebook.com/USNavy http://www.twitter.com/USNavy http://navylive.dodlive.mil

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The U.S. aircraft carrier USS Harry S Truman came about 1,500 yards from an Iranian rocket last week, two U.S. military officials told NBC News.

As the Truman was transiting the strait, which connects the Arabian Sea and the Persian Gulf, Iranian Revolutionary Guards conducted a live-fire exercise right near the U.S. carrier Saturday, officials said.

A U.S. military official said an Iranian navy fast and short attack craft began conducting a live-fire exercise at the same time the carrier was nearing the end of the strait, firing off several unguided rockets. A French frigate, the U.S. destroyer USS Buckley and other commercial traffic were also in the area.

The official said the U.S. ships were in the “internationally recognized maritime traffic lane” at the time, not in any territorial waters, when the Iranian navy announced …..





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    Might consider taking out those Iran boats that fire rockets at US Carriers….this was 1500 yards…..might buzz the boats as a warning. might think of something they could drop that might give them something to think about…do not have to sink it.

    • Clark

      They didn’t fire at or in the direction of any vessels. Follow the link in the article to the rest of the story:


      The official said the U.S. ships were in the “internationally recognized maritime traffic lane” at the time, not in any territorial waters, when the Iranian navy announced over maritime radio that it was about to conduct a live-fire exercise and asked other vessels to remain clear.

      After the warning, the rockets were fired from a position about 1,500 yards off the carrier’s starboard side and in a direction away from passing coalition and commercial ships and the traffic lane, the official said. The rockets were not fired at the Truman and other ships, only near them.


      In other words the rockets were fired from a position near the ships but in a direction away from them. And a maritime warning was given for the live fire exercise.

      • ThereAintNoJustice

        No provocation or threat at all??? You go right ahead and believe it…. Pardon me if I don’t.

        • Roberto Enrique Benitez II

          Do you think that we haven’t ever shown some potential adversaries a show of force and resolve in a similar manner? At least I’m talking about other presidents.

          By the way, ask Gaddafi, oops, Mr. Obama had him killed in order to allow more radical Muslims to take over Libya, about the two SU22s he lost when they attacked a US reconnaissance aircraft showing the flag in the Gulf of Sidra.

          • ThereAintNoJustice

            Calm down and get off that high horse of your’s! I never said a thing about America never pulling similar stunts. We are doing so every time we send a task force into the Persian Gulf. It’s SOP strategy done all the time. We did it with Castro and Khrushchev with the blockade (After, of course, they
            smuggled in the nukes and missiles.). Jefferson even did it in Tripoli, after provocation of course. There are other examples but…. So what??

            International law is all and fine and should be recognized by all parties. However, nations like N. Korea, Iran, like to push the envelopte. Do you suppose that ISIS, All Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, the Taliban, or any group practicing Islamic Jihad, care about International Law? Are they concerned with the Geneva Convention? Are they even signatories? International laws are useless unless both sides of the conflict recognize them. You can arrogantly pontificate all you wish but remember that you too can be an ignorant tool.

          • Roberto Enrique Benitez II

            I understand your arrogant desire to have me shut up. A number of you armchair warriors want a conflict. So you don’t want others to know that we’ve done similar things, and we were right in doing so, so you can blow this out of proportion.

          • ThereAintNoJustice

            Not really. You can talk all you want, it’s your right according to the First Amendment of our Constitution. Even if, by chance, you are not a citizen of our great nation. I have the right not, to read or respond. However, if I didn’t, I would be remiss, as a veteran and the son and grandson, going back 8 generations, of veterans, in nforming you that your remarks are those of a patronizing and arrogant jerk. BTW I learned my history the old fashioned way, by reading books that had not been revised or redacted by liberal academics.

        • Clark

          I will go right ahead and believe it cause I lived it onboard the USS Saratoga and I saw Russian ships put us in more danger in the open ocean by cutting across our bow to disrupt our air ops. and us missing them by only a few hundred yards.

          1500 yards of separation, firing in the opposite direction, and broadcasted a maritime warning to ships to stay clear. Flexing a little muscle doesn’t make it a threat or provocation.

      • Roberto Enrique Benitez II

        It seems a lot of yahoo armchair warriors, like Art, ThereAintNoJustice, and Marcella are aliterate (a real word). We’ve faced this type of situations ever since WWII, if not before. We’ve also done the same near other nations as a show of force and resolve. Of course I’m not sure if our current dear leader would dare do so.

        Unfortunately, It seems some posters either don’t have a clue about international law or think that the US owns the oceans. I have to wonder if some are mentally unstable, partisan demagogues, or Far Left agent provocateurs? All they’re doing is giving ammunition to the Left to claim conservatives are crazy conspiracists. Sadly, the former two are too benighted to understand. Likely you and I will catch hell for daring to post the truth.


        • Clark

          I was on the USS Saratoga CV – 60. I saw my share of it and was involved in our share of it as well. Crossed Gaddafi’s line of death just so we could present a show of force, and bomb his house, and the French Embassy for not letting our Air Force F-111 Bombers from England fly through France’s airspace enroute to Libya but making them go around

          • Roberto Enrique Benitez II

            I was on the 1st RC-135 to fly in the Gulf of Sidra when Gaddaf tried to declare it as Libyan territorial waters in the early 80s. We got through OK but the 2nd RC was fired upon but escape safely while in international waters. Our 3rd aircraft was about to be attacked, but we had asked the carrier to give us Mig Cap. Their idea of cover was 2 Tomcats tucked almost between the engines. It didn’t go well for the 2 Libyan SU-22s.

          • Clark

            And you know that those little Iranian boats and their rockets would be deep sixed in a second if they even so much as left a scratch on the paint job of one our carriers. What I don’t like about the article is that it’s only a half truth and tries to make it seem that the Iranians put our sailors in danger. I’ve had enough of half truths from both sides of the political fence.

            They issued a maritime warning on international radio channels for ships to stay clear of their live fire exercise. And truth be told, when they did our carrier probably steered towards them just to flex a little muscle. And they continued on with their live fire exercise in a direction away from our ships. Nothing new there at all.

          • Roberto Enrique Benitez II

            Quite true. By the way, we’ve also held live fire exercises in international waters. So have the Soviets and other nations. It’s quite legal.

            I remember a Soviet ICBM test that was supposed to land off the east cost of the USSR but the 3rd stage failed to shut down and it went to just NW of Hawaii. Got a lot of people exited.

          • Clark

            Don’t forget 1988, Iran mined the main shipping channels, damaged two of our warships. The Iranian Navy then lost 6 ships when we “flexed a little muscle” over it.

    • Patriot47

      shredded pork comes to mind

  • JDW

    It was a test of nerves and resolve. I wonder if a ship had been hit, what would the orders be? Run and hide? Remember, our cic is a mus_slime. Would this be an excuse for the Iranians to attack saying we provoked the incident! Troubled times are on the horizon. I hope we can make it to 2017 with a new CIC!!!!! Notice Putin is silent!

    • Roberto Enrique Benitez II

      What the Iranians did was according to international law. In the past we’ve done the same, and should do so again in their backyard. Of course I doubt this “president” would dare have the courage to order our Navy to flex a little muscle in the such a manner.

      By the way, likely our ships have standing orders, at least from the Chief of Naval Operations, to fire if hit by a missile or gunfire. If a missile comes in its direction and it seems the ship firing the missile is likely to do so again, the ship has the right, and orders, to defend itself.

      So I wish some of you who have likely NEVER seen action, or even been in the military, would quit making irresponsible statements.

      • JDW

        If, there is that big word “IF” we and the others where in international shipping lanes, as this article touts, firing these missiles was irresponsible. This could have caused injury, loss of life, and damage to ship(s) for no good reason other than a test of nerve and that is not a good reason. I hope you do not view my remarks as an arm chair Monday morning quarterback. I was not a sea dog, but a ground pounder. VN Vet68-69. I know about harassment fire.

        • Roberto Enrique Benitez II

          IF you read the article, it said the Iranians fired AWAY from ALL ships. IF you want to assume otherwise in order to frighten people into demanding action by an inept traitorous “president”, that’s not a good idea in my humble opinion.

          IF you read some of my other remarks about a reconnaissance aircraft, an RC-135V to be exact, then you might guess I’m not an armchair warrior either and perhaps was involved in some of those incidences of showing the flag.

          By the way, I’m sure that you heard other whizzing things in the air in Vietnam that weren’t mosquitoes. 🙂 Thanks for your service.

          • JDW

            Yes, I read the part where these missiles were fired away from the ships. If I take my rifle and fire over the heads of intruders who may have inadvertently trespassed and I screw up and injure on of them, that was not only stupid of me, but irresponsible. The world is not perfect. I understand “rattling the saber”! Your assessment of our present ‘cic’ falls short of what ‘it’ really about…. I can muster no respect for this miscreant. I could see this ‘poc’ cic using a similar incident to provoke a situation to divert the public attention from things he wants to do. No, I DO NOT want to see any conflict with anyone, isis excluded. That is definitely a different situation and one we best understand and act upon. I am not a war monger, but I believe we need to defend this Nation, it is the only one in the world like it!!!
            And Sir, thank you for your service…..And have a good day.

          • Roberto Enrique Benitez II

            Let me first say that shooting over an intruder’s head is NOT the same as telling someone you’re going to test your gun, hopefully a big one which makes lots of noise, asking them to stay away from the test area which is legal, and THEN firing AWAY from them. It simply isn’t.

            After all, the test of the missiles WAS announced beforehand, ships were warned to stay way from the test area, and the test firing of the missiles was AWAY from all ships. Of course missiles aren’t like cannon warheads and have been known to go off course radically.

            Your comment about Mr. Obama possibly wanting to distract the people by a similar incident I think may be correct. Thanks for pointing that out. As a former serviceman I also strongly agree with your desire to see the nation defended. As you mention, ISIS is a different matter.

  • CarnactheMagnificent

    This shows both the NON-EXISTENT respect/fear that iran has for the US Navy – and the effect of tying the most advanced navy in the world’s hands behind their back by orders from afar desk jockeys!!!

  • Patriot47

    Yo skippy, better scoot from HAWAII to reinforce your surrender to Iran before you can’t walk back on their actions.
    Maybe ask them where you can operate.

  • JDW

    Go away!!! Leave me alone! Don’t want to read your dribble…….