U.S. and Israel Issue Warning to Russia [Video]

U.S. and Israel Issue Warning to Russia:


Israel has added its voice to a growing chorus of concern over a reported Russian military buildup in Syria in support of the beleaguered regime of President Bashar al-Assad. Speaking to reporters, Moshe Ya’alon, the Israeli defense minister, echoed claims by western sources that Moscow has in recent days dispatched military advisers and equipment with the main goal of setting up an airbase in the Syrian government-controlled area around Latakia.

The information divulged in Ya’alon’s briefing closely resembles comments by US defense officials this week who said the US had seen a variety of Russian military assets flown into the airfield south of Latakia, including troops capable of protecting Russian forces there and modular housing units capable of accommodating up to 1,000 troops.



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  • mercury

    Setting the stage for the book of Revelation in the Bible.

    • Bobby John Moses

      that is why they will not call the exodus what it is an EXODIS VERY EYE OPENING

  • Ernie Jones

    U.S. and Israel wants regime change. Russia is trying to protect the Christians. I personally side with Russia.

    • Icorps1970

      But they are propping up Iran too how is this good?

  • harry

    I do not see a warning, just Obama whining as usual…..Russia has every right to honor it’s deals with their allies. America could take a page out of their book and honor ours…..I see no threat to us from a Russian base, just a threat to terrorists trying to overthrow a legitimate government…….