U.S. Military: The Threat Environment is Changing!

One of the problems that a military faces is that it could possibly be preparing for the wrong war. The United States has been totally focused on unconventional warfare for the past 15 years. Now the threat is becoming the real power politics and has returned to the global scene where advanced military capabilities continued to proliferate. Here is a laundry list of this to be remembered before it is too late.

As Written By David Barano and Nora Bensahel for War on the Rocks:

Over the last 15 years of war, the Pentagon has prided itself on finding new ways to protect its men and women deployed in harm’s way — from new vehicles designed to shield troops from roadside bombs in Iraq and Afghanistan to improved helmets and individual body armor. Yet perversely, this success has occurred at the same time that U.S. ground forces have lost much of their ability to protect themselves against far more lethal battlefield threats. This has made them more vulnerable in the future.

Today, nearly every mid-grade leader in the U.S. Army and Marine Corps has significant experience battling insurgents and conducting combat operations in complex and demanding irregular warfare environments. Yet, virtually none of those leaders have been under massive, sustained artillery, mortar, or rocket fire. None have been attacked with precision strikes from guided missiles or bombs. No Army or Marine unit was struck with chemical weapons during the recent wars, or faced fallout from a nuclear blast. Few have dealt with jamming or serious disruption of tactical communications networks, and none have faced air attacks from enemy fighters, cruise missiles, or drones. Protecting the force against these deadly threats has rightfully not been a priority when the main threats to U.S. forces have come from roadside bombs, small arms fire, and suicide attackers. But that priority must now change — and change quickly.

While the U.S. military was absorbed by the limited unconventional wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, great power politics returned to the global scene and advanced military capabilities continued to proliferate. Whereas access to …

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The U.S. Military’s Protection Deficit Disorder



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