Uh-Oh! Here’s why Obama is unlikely to pardon Hillary

It sounds like there are two chances for President Obama in granting a pardon to Hillary Clinton:

1.) Slim, and

2.) Nil.. There are some interesting comments from Press Secretary Josh Earnest that make the possibility of pardons seem slim.

President Obama has a process, and that process has not been started. Additionally , and almost as a throw away line, Earnest mentioned four others who would no be receiving Presidential clemency as well. Daved Petraeus was among those named. See the reasons Josh gave and the other names below.

As Written By Gregory Korte for USA Today:

Hillary Clinton will not get a pardon from President Obama.

If Obama is to be kept to his word, neither will former CIA director David Petraeus, convicted Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard, intelligence contractor Edward Snowden or Pvt. Chelsea Manning, all of whom were accused or convicted of mishandling classified information.

The reason is simple: None of them has applied to the Office of the Pardon Attorney for executive clemency.

Obama addressed “last-minute” presidential pardons at a news conference in August. “The process that I put in place is not going to vary depending on how close I get to the election,” he said in response to a question from USA TODAY. “So it’s going to be reviewed by the pardon attorney, it will be reviewed by my White House counsel, and I’m going to, as best as I can, make these decisions based on the merits, as opposed to political considerations.”

White House spokesman Josh Earnest confirmed last week that Obama hasn’t changed that philosophy after the election. “I wouldn’t speculate at this point about what impact that may have on hypothetical pardon requests that he receives.  I’ll just say that the guidance that President Obama shared with you is still operative.”

Speculation about a Clinton pardon, already rampant before the election, intensified after the election of rival Donald Trump as president. At one debate, Trump told Clinton it would be bad for her if he were elected “because you’d be in jail.” Trump aides have refused to rule out a prosecution after Inauguration Day.

That posture could increase pressure on Obama to pardon Clinton, but there’s no indication that she’s sought a pardon — or that she would accept one if granted. Though some pardons have been granted on the grounds of innocence, they’re often perceived as a sign of guilt.

It’s not necessary for someone to be charged or convicted of a crime to receive pardon. President Gerald Ford pardoned his predecessor, Richard Nixon, in 1974, although Nixon had not been charged or convicted of a …..

Full Story Here:

Here’s why President Obama is unlikely to pardon Hillary Clinton



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  • Ed Wade

    Come on Colonel West, you can’t believe this has and degree of truth to it. Obama changes with the weather and lies his ass off, so why would you put any weight on anything he says?

    • Lee Neil

      I’m inclined to agree with you, even though Ltc West is seldom wrong.

      • Ed Wade

        Except he didn’t write this.
        “As Written By Gregory Korte for USA Today:”

  • DMcG

    I don’t think Trump is going to press a prosecution. I don’t think he should, as guilty as I know she is. We have FAR greater issues than Hillary, and a trial would consume all the attention span in Washington for months. Not worth it. Secondly, what punishment could there be for her that is worse than having to stay home, walk the dog, and watch Trump serve out “her” presidential term. That’s got to be just like acid in her gut. I love it.

    • Kathy Hansen

      The ultimate Karma for this despicable woman is to lose that which she has lusted after for decades-to be denied being the first woman president is huge Karma for her. She is such a fool she fails to see she did it to herself!

    • tibi

      You are right, the hag is still drowning her lying in booze. Donald needs to spend his time undoing all the atrocious and stupid and harmful crap that obama pushed through without going through congress. No legacy except hatred for him

      • tsitala

        I agree, but if Hillary isn’t taken down, she’s a shining light for those behind her who should be prosecuted. They’ll just point to Hillary and throw out everything she should have been incarcerated for, but was once again, given a little slap on the wrist. She will continue her work, one way or the other, of helping to ruin our country and youth. It will not stop with her just not winning the Presidency. These people-NWO, Agenda 21 globalists, don’t go quietly away into the night.

        • Ax2root


    • tsitala

      Don’t they have tvs in prison? I’d rather her be there, as is said, more or less, she will be a shining example of what her kind can get away with if she is not punished. I wouldn’t even trust that anything would become of anyone following in her footsteps who should be punished, if she is not punished. They’ll have that to point put as well. She needs to be behind bars, or deported, first one, then the other.

    • tpc4545

      People died because of that B*tch, tell them that!

      • scgator2001

        Are you advocating that Hillary and Hussein Obama also should be tried for murder? I hope so.

    • ironic_1

      Her not winning is almost just deserts for the whole email thing, but it does not make up for the 4 men whose deaths she caused. With that said, I want to see the Clinton Foundation investigated and busted with every single slimy Clinton going to jail as a result. There is nothing more despicable than grift under the guise of charity.

      • Myrtle Linder

        Hillary, America’s Number 1 Criminal!!! Throw the book at her!!!

    • David Allen

      Hillary has committed crimes against the United States of America. Treason should not be pardoned.

    • Robotnik

      Just let the investigators continue their work silently. No need to be yapping about it all the time, then WHAM !!!! Traps shuts around her after Soetoro is out of office. He can’t pardon her after he’s out of office.

    • Ax2root

      There is no mercy without guilt

      Hillary doesn’t want the reputation her actions deserve

      The country needs to have the Truth recognized

    • scgator2001

      Did you know that John Kerry also has a FOUNDATION? This lawlessness needs to stop.

      Jail for all who are found guilty. And not knife and fork jail, but real jail. I vote for reopening Alcatraz. Let them (Obama, Hillary, Huma, Donna, Bill and the email lot suffer as they serve their time 🙂

  • jerseycat406

    Snowden did this country a big favor, he deserves a pardon

    • tsitala

      That I agree.

    • danshays

      So did Bradley Manning.

  • Bobseeks

    With any luck, obama will need a pardon soon.

  • Dustin John

    As Obama watches Trump undo all the damage he has done to America, especially destroying the Muslim Brotherhood, he’s going to be hating on her more every day.

    • scgator2001

      The Muslim Brotherhood is a terrorist organization. Come to think of it, Hussein Obama’s “administration” is the same.

  • Chas

    Barry will not pardon HilLIARy because he sees her as solely responsible for her own election loss and the consequential loss of Barry’s legacy, the death of Obamacare, and the eradication of his myriad of executive orders, which will happen on or about Trump’s inauguration day in January 2017. .

    • Beckah

      That’s a more honest assessment; certainly more honest than pretending he’s the kind to follow the Constitution, “normal processes”, and NOT just grant political favors!

  • Jeff Noncent

    the whole deal with the guy in the white house and Hillary is a scam, all of them deserve to be in jail

  • tpc4545

    Are you people crazy, of course he’s going to pardon her,after 30+yrs of corruption she know where ALL THE dead are buried and who helped planted them. You can bet obozo closet is chuck full of skeletons !

    • Ax2root

      His pardon shows her GUILT

      Without the trauma to USA OF NEEDING GO PROSECUTE HER

      • scgator2001

        We need the trauma to expose the cesspool called Washington DC. Jail for Hillary, Hussein Obama, Bill Clinton, Huma, Weiner and the email supporting cast. And that is just a start. And that is WHY the Repubs and the Damnocrats opposed Trump, they are scared of the truth hitting the front pages and the only real news we have, the internet reporters.

  • http://yahoo.com/ DustyFae

    Pardon will show that there was some crime involvement of a crime and an acknowledgement of that will release his own guilt

  • Douglas Weiss

    Obama and Hillary have hated each other since 2008 when she lost the coronation to this unknown entity. However, in order to win in 2016 Hillary felt she had to get Obozo’s endorsement and was desperate for his support, so they cut a deal. Hillary would have to accept Tim Kaine as her VP. Obama never wanted Hillary to be his successor, but he could’t quite go against the public tide for a female president, and Hillary rode that wave to the nomination. Maybe he was hoping she would be impeached and Obama’s man Kaine would end up as president. No love lost between then and it would be in character for Obama to stiff her now that she has been defeated and the dems dont want or need her any longer.

    • scgator2001

      Good analysis but I personally think Hussein Obama is much more guilty than you think. We will see what the new AG and his special prosecutors find under the Hillary rocks.

  • sandra_marie

    this is why he is not going to pardon Hillary. If he goes down so are the Clintons. And the reason bill and Hillary stayed together is because they can not testify against each other in court..