UNBELIEVABLE: Look what Obama’s threatening to do now to our military!

Look what Obama’s threatening to do now to our military!

Unconscionable, despicable and unacceptable.

By Allen B. West:

Man, it’s college football season, and y’all know I normally like to write about the top games being played. But there’s just so much not going right in America that I’m compelled to continue manning my position, sounding the clarion call for the restoration of our republic and liberty.

But don’t think I haven’t been hurt from the lack of my Tennessee Vols’ defense to hold onto a lead in the second half. The Volunteers could easily be 4-0 as Arkansas comes to Knoxville today; we need that win. But something tells me all eyes in the SEC will be down between the hedges in Athens, Georgia as Alabama’s Crimson Tide comes to visit — ok, folks will also be paying attention to Miss St heading down to Aggieland to face Texas A&M.

But instead of lamenting over Tennessee’s defense, I want to discuss with y’all the matter of America’s defense.

As reported by The Hill:

The House passed the 2016 National Defense Authorization Act Thursday, setting up a veto showdown with the Obama administration. 

The 270-156 vote comes after the House and Senate Armed Services committees reached agreement on a final conference report earlier this week. 

The Senate is expected to take it up next week, and if passed, it will head to the president. 

President Obama has issued a veto threat against the bill, which senior administration officials warn he will follow through on. Defense Secretary Ashton Carter said Wednesday he has already recommended that the president veto it. 

The White House and Democrats oppose the bill because it would authorize spending levels in accordance with a Republican plan to boost defense spending, but leave federal spending caps in place on nondefense spending.

The bill would authorize $612 billion for the Defense Department — the same amount the White House has requested — but it would leave budget caps, known as sequester, in place and funnel $38 billion through a war fund not subject to the caps.

The White House wants Congress to lift the caps on both defense and nondefense spending, and instead put the $38 billion into the Pentagon’s base budget. 

According to a Republican House aide, since it was first passed over 50 years ago, the defense authorization has only been vetoed four times: in 1979, 1989, 1996 and 2008. Each time, a compromise was found, the aide noted. 

“This is the first time that the commander in chief will sacrifice national security by vetoing a bill that provides pay and benefits for our troops, as leverage for his larger domestic political agenda,” the aide said.”  

At a time when Russia has deployed troops and combat aircraft to Syria, along with Iran’s Quds Force. At a time when President Barack Obama is about to unfreeze and release $150B to the #1 state sponsor of Islamic terrorism. At a time when we gapped our coverage of a Carrier Battlegroup (CVBG) in the Persian Gulf. At a time when China has a military unit conducting cyber attacks and building archipelagos, with military weapons, being emplaced along a major trade route in the South China Sea. At a time when Russia still holds Crimea and has invaded the sovereign country of Ukraine. At a time when Obama has announced he will cut 40,000 active duty soldiers from our Army, putting my Army at pre-World War II levels.

With all this going on, Obama’s playing foolish games with our national security, our defense, all over getting his way with more wasteful domestic spending. Obama fails to realize what his most important title is: Commander in Chief. His title is not Welfare Provider in Chief. Amazing, this is the first time a president will jeopardize our national security, put at risk pay and benefits for our troops and their families — for a domestic spending agenda.

Not every dollar in Washington, D.C. is equal, and if there’s one priority for the federal government, it’s our defense, our security.

What are Barack Obama’s priorities? Why will he vehemently issue a veto warning on ………. Continue Reading Here




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  • Homer

    Way past time to remove this bum!

  • Laddyboy

    ‘b.obama’ and his henchmen’s concepts are easy to comprhend. They want to destroy America. This is why ‘b.obama’ is shipping in more terrorist associates to build his private army which will equal Our Military. As a reminder, ‘b.obama’ stated he needs a private army early on in his occupation of OUR White House. This is why ‘b.obama’ is continually trying to void the Second Amendment which states as a reminder these RIGHTS exhisted BEFORE the Constitution was put to writting.

  • William Williams

    What do you expect from a muslim president president?

  • Judith Van Doren

    Am beginning to think obama has an agreement with islamic terrorists and putin to keep our Military low in numbers and inability to fight back, because of what obama has done to date. obama began with firing 6 experienced generals, removed troops from Iraq, etc., leaving supplies for islamic terrorists, sold out USA to iran with his treaty to let iran build the bomb with money and removal of restrictions supporting the building, and he has stood down for putin to proceed with attacking syria allowing putin to continue his quest to take over more countries to add to russian power. On top of that, obama is going to allow the UN to come in to USA and police certain cities. Every day another act of treason is committed by obama, with the blessings of the communist democrat party, boehner and mcconnell. obama is an evil thug with thugs supporting him. We do not have a country, USA is now the bait for our enemies.

  • Chas

    ‘Control, weaken and destroy’ = Barry Soetoro’s mantra. BUT, he really doesn’t want to piss off the military. They have the ability to make mincemeat of both him and his administration and that potential for happening is not far off…

    • Hotnike

      I hope it happens tonight if not sooner.

    • peanut butter

      And I don’t think he actually realizes just how PO’d the population of this country, that has second amendment rights and the knowledge of the creation of this great country, is becoming. I just hope that PO’d military (and they have to be biting through 16 penny nails about right now) will fight WITH us to take back the country they swore to defend against ALL enemies.

    • Jan

      Too many of our military leaders have retired under disgust with this administration—another feather in Obama’s cap. Weaken the military and have them on his side for Martial Law and under Martial Law he will be able to remain President. God help this country.

      • frankenbiker

        retired or fired, but I think those same high ranking miliary figures will side with the American people if push comes to shove, which I’m hoping it does pretty soon.

  • Azgunsel

    obama is beyond the meaning of the word useless, and has earned the word irrelevant. Putin has stolen obama’s birthright. The day is coming for he and his supporters where they will cry out for the mountains to fall upon them and put them out of their misery, but it will be too late. I only pray that I will be Saved. What an opportunity he has blown. Fool.

  • Hotnike

    It is time that that the military takes a stand against this usurper and march to the White House and throw him and his family out into the street and lock up the house. I am tired of seeing his face anywhere!

  • RLJR1


  • June

    Perhaps this explains Obama’s desire to disarm the public? His ruse is for “public safety” but we, the people, know that criminals don’t obey laws anyway.

    • Conservative

      Beware of the enemies Obama is going to import as so-called ‘refugees’.
      Certainly not Christians, certainly no women and children. One look at those he plans to grant refugee status to will demonstrate that these are young, strong, healthy men; exactly what makes up ISIS. To protect them, Obama is going to use police from the U.N. to police the cities in which they will reside. Obama is on the side of the Muslims who want to destroy all Christians and take over the world and what does our Muslim President do? He invites them in, taxes us to support them and he intends to give them every right to propagandize anytime, anywhere, to enforce Sharia Law in every area of the American life. Obama will make excuses for their murders, he will release them on bond, they have no ID to pick up and deport them. Let’s be honest, Obama fully supports their atrocities and his loyalty is not to the American people; certainly not to Christians. Obama is working against us as Americans. The results of the Obama presidency is going to end tragically. It may not happen while he is still in office, but it is bound to happen. A U.S. President cannot set out to destroy (transform) a Country without the people of that Country suffering, and regretting, greatly.

    • Patriot47

      Biggest criminal organization on the planet is the gubmint.

  • william g munson

    When he Obama veto,s it Impeach him and Aston Carter and the Doj

  • Nunnyah Biz

    The usurper has been so generous when doing all of these things TO us!
    Maybe it’s time we do unto him as he has done unto us!!!

    I mean, he doesn’t actually think he’s going to get away with it, does he?!

    • Judi

      He will probably lie his way out of it and then sail off into the sunset and retire to a multi-million $ property in Hawaii surrounded with security guards 24/7. What a scumbag!!

  • [email protected]

    The horrible truth is that we Americans have a looming war on our hands – much of which will be fought in our neighborhoods due to the influx of isis and other cultures far diffeent than ours. We have to get out, on the street and fight . We have to do it for our children. Americans did not fight in wars and liberate much of the world to hand it over to radicals. People are coming here who want to destroy our entire culture, belief system. Take our money, kill us, rape our children. We cannot let what is happening in Europe happen here.

    • Conservative

      That’s why Obama and the Socialist Democrats want to disarm all of us.

      • believe

        The only thing that will happen if he even tries that he will be used for TARGET practice along with any body in his crowd of thugs, that try that. He can take that to the bank.

  • [email protected]

    I will fight to preserve the right of Americans to worship any religion they choose. Islam jhas a long blood history of killing – this is what this is – a religious war.Islam is not a religion – it is a geo-politcal ideology – a sick on at that. I stand with my Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist ( and all others) brothers. There will be no religious persecution in America – not while I’m breathing.

  • JR Quarrels

    Obama is a traitor and needs to be impeached. Does anyone in Congress have the gonads to do it or are you all eunuchs!

    • Dorrie

      Impeachment doesn’t remove a sitting president from office. Obama needs to be arrested and REMOVED from office – bodily!

    • Conservative

      Unfortunately, the Democrats/Socialist representatives in Congress condone every destructive thing he does because they are on the same page.
      The professional, go along to get along, Republicans are terrified of making any waves because they are desperate to hold onto their jobs if they just keep their heads down and do nothing constructive.
      Republicans must band together, vote and support those young candidates with American patriotism running through their veins to fight for all the American values which have made us strong and great.
      Democrats are cowards and their voters don’t seem to care about anything except getting others to sustain them from generation to generation. They have no blood or sweat in the game, therefore, they take everything for granted and feel the government and taxpayers owe them. They are like spoiled rotten children having fits screaming: ‘give me more, give me more’!

    • believe

      His crimes against America, Doesn’t call for impeachment. He is a traitor that crime calls for HANGING. Look it up.

  • America_Woman

    Scorched Earth Policy.

  • Dffallis .

    He has been playing fast and loose with our freedom since he took office and it is rooted in his upbringing and belief that we are infidels. He will not rest easy until he has killed us all.

  • frankenbiker

    Of course the great goatfcker will veto it, he can’t have a strong military cuz he wants us to be as defensless as possible against the ISIS threat, the Iranian threat of nuclear arms (which he set in motion), and defenseless against Russia and China. He’s the biggest traitor this country has ever had the misfortune of being president, LMAO at that. Anyway, he’s a muzzie goatfcker who will stand with the muzzies before he stands with the USA. So this is to be expected.

  • frankenbiker

    Its amazing what doing donkey shows in the comfort of your bedroom will make a slut these days isn’t it?

  • Myrna

    All talk and no action about impeachment! But, then it’s politics as usual inDC just what this s o b wants.

    • Dorrie

      Impeachment doesn’t remove a sitting president from office. He needs to be arrested and hauled out of the Oval Office bodily!

    • believe

      TIME HAS COME TO over throw our government. our legal right.READ YOUR TENTH AMENDMENT, followed UP BY THE 2ND amendment.THEY go together.


    STOP reporting what Obama is doing if YOU won’t take any action on it. And that includes you, Mr, West, ALL of Congress, and ALL of America! This president has done SO MANY Impeachable violations yet he remains in office. We are ALL a Disgrace for allowing him to be our leader.

  • Aaron Hill

    if this country allows the terrorist of a president to do this then we deserve the consequences!

    • believe

      I think the plans for Barack and his regime are HANGING. Just keep in mind there are more of us out here than any and every one in our Government ,OR any body he brings in from other countries. I can’t believe they would DIE fore him.It is all according what lies he tells them and how STUPID they are to believe him. His reputation as a LIAR is world wide.They are probably going to use him to get out of there country.

  • USAnowMSAsadly

    Since America doesn’t want to commit suicide the gay Marxist Muslim in Chief wants to murder America on the world stage. Putin and ISIS are so psyched that the “Dreams from My Father” president is handing them America on a silver tray. Comments Liberal’s? Your response is what? Ah, quiet as a church mouse. Go figure. Liberal’s, feel free to respond to my post. I know you can’t.

  • bikerdogred1

    It would be a good time for the military too follow the constitution and do the job expected from them.67

  • Ben George

    The WORST Enemy is Satan, Obama is the Grandson? Beware folks!

  • GiveAwayJimmie

    Obama doesn’t care about the USA-unless it becomes a 3rd world country.