UNDISPUTED Proof The Left Is Guilty of That Which It Claims to Rail Against

The left has lost any chance it ever had of having any moral high ground. The democrats and the media, by playing the divisive card have sent their mindless minions into the night to wreak havioc on a Donald Trump Presidency. Not content to accept their constitutional defeat at the polls they attempt to reverse the outcome through violence and intimidation. Never mind the cost, it is the liberal progressive outcome that matters. 

As Written By Tiffany Gabbay for Truth Revolt:

They are cogs in the Left-wing wheel — forever turning, forever fomenting hatred and dissent against their fellow man. They are the thousands who, nationwide, are out in protest against President-Elect, Donald Trump.

Across the country, the marauding hordes have blocked roads and entrances to buildings, burned effigies and American flags, hurled expletives, beaten and robbed anyone perceived to have voted for Donald Trump, and are instigating violence from Kansas City to Manhattan to Oakland and beyond. More than a dozen were arrested in Los Angeles. Sixty were arrested in Manhattan. Another five were wounded in a shooting near Seattle. In Oakland, police used tear gas to disperse protesters unlawfully assembled. Barbarians across the country are, at this moment, issuing assassination threats against our incoming President.

And they’ve the full material support of the Democratic Machine.

Organized by the likes of George Soros’ MoveOn.org. Egged on by the likes of Lady Gaga and Cher, the lowing herds decry “sexism, racism, xenophobia, and anti-Semitism,” as if they know the true meaning of the terms they claim to rail against.

Those who drank the Kool-Aid are positively apoplectic over Trump’s victory, moronically believing the internment camps are being built as we speak. Be they useful idiots or willing pawns cognizant of the damage they cause — they have incited violence and unrest everywhere from Occupy Wall Street to Ferguson to Trump rallies, and now terrorize a nation for no other reason than our Democratic election process didn’t yield the ….

Full Story Here:

As Usual ‘Not My President’ Protests Exemplify Why The Left Is Guilty of That Which It Claims to Rail Against | Truth Revolt



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  • Linda Shelton

    The left is throwing a temper tantrum in the streets, someone needs to take them over their knee and spank them hard. Anyone with face covered should be arrested immediately and sent to the middle east to see what it is they are imitating.

    • DanL

      Or, we can give them all therapy monkeys, that way we would know at least one in each pair had a grasp on reality.

      • Nannette McGowan

        Give them monkeys??? These protesters are the flying monkeys belonging to the wicked witch. Republican voters have thrown water on Hillary and she’s melting, melting… but the monkeys are flying wild now.

  • Virginia Benefiel

    I can see how much the liberals rioters mean to Obama and HIllary!! They have not put forth one iota of effort to smooth this, discuss this. They could care less about your lives, you are collateral damage for Obama and Hillary.

    • Nannette McGowan

      So the Democrat paid to hire and train people to incite violence at Trump rallies and video the Trump supporter reacting but NOT the paid Democrat’s provocation before. Then the Democrats called for Trump and Republicans’ to condemn of ALL Trump supporters for the actions of those provoked… even those who weren’t there. Not one single leading Democrat has condemned the violent liberal protests… silence being consent and condoning these lawless acts of anarchy.

  • James McDowell