University Moves to Muzzle ‘Jesus Talk’

North Carolina State University is leading the fight against Jesus. They are attacking Christian student’s  religious freedoms and the freedom of speech. In a set of draconian rules, they have effectively banned students from saying anything about Jesus in any social environment. This is all done in the name of  “inclusiveness.”  Grace Christian Life has filed suit against the university on behalf of Christian students. 

NC State



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  • Linda Shelton

    Take their federal funds away, as a violation of constitutional first amendment .

  • Judi

    Do the muslim students require a permit to speak about muhammed?

    • Jus Wundrin
    • tsitala

      I doubt it. This right here: The University has not restricted the ability of other students and student groups to engage in expressive activity,” the lawsuit states. “Grace has witnessed other students, student groups and off-campus groups handing out literature either without a permit or outside of the area reserved by their table permit.”
      These liberal excuses for teachers and school personnel, are always for anything, as long as it is vile or evil, and goes against christianity,

    • Roy

      Do the Muslim students (if there are any) need a permit to speak about Jesus? Remember that while Muhammad is their main prophet, they also consider Jesus to be a prophet. They don’t consider him to be God or the Son of God but they do consider him to be one of their prophets who preceded Muhammad. So, they could very well talk about Jesus in talking about their religion.

  • Chet

    No more Lord Jesus Christ talk, huh, in the name of “inclusivemess” no less. Indeed there could be no more inclusive talk students could engage in than that of Christ as all their students are the same predicament as everyone else is on campus and off. And that is the predicament of SIN rendering all flesh as SINNERS, cut n’ dried.
    This fact magnifies inclusiveness hands down thus no one should feel excluded or othersise left out.

    Meanwhile, you can be assured any talk of sex, i.e., dirty jokes, girlie pics and select engagements and homosexuality remains acceptable, whether anyone cares to hear of such or no. And you can bet the farm no restrictions regarding Islam are in place, nor indeed will they be as to enact such ruling would require guts to enforce and the leaders do not have such.

    This action is entirely in concert with the anti God anti Christ, racially divisive, economy stifling, military diminishing, Israel snubbing, energy dependant, Mother Earth Worshipping, sexual deviant bathroom policies and promotions of Democrat politicos under their willful “fundamental transformation” of America, 7 + years and counting. Such is why we Americans must return to the Lord IAW II Chronicles 7:14, Holy Bible. And why we need the good Lord to grant us a modern day Moses of sorts, either Trump or Cruz or Cruz or Trump as president to lead by example in arighting America’s sinking ship in the cesspool of enlightened man’s filth.

  • Kingdom Ambassador

    Just more fallout from the late 18th-century founders replacing the First Commandment with the First Amendment:

    “…Although the First Amendment does not allow for establishing one religion over another, by eliminating Christianity as the federal government’s religion of choice (achieved by Article 6’s interdiction against Christian test oaths), Amendment 1 authorized equality for all non-Christian and even antichristian religions. When the Constitution failed to recognize Christian monotheism, it allowed Amendment 1 to fill the void by authorizing pagan polytheism.

    “Amendment 1 did exactly what the framers proclaimed it could not do: it prohibited the exercise of monotheistic Christianity (except within the confines of its church buildings) and established polytheism in its place. This explains the government’s double standard regarding Christian and non-Christian religions. For example, court participants entering the United States District Court of Appeals for the Middle District of Alabama must walk by a statue of Themis, the Greek goddess of justice. And yet, on November 18, 2002, this very court ruled that Judge Roy Moore’s Ten Commandments Monument violated the First Amendment’s Establishment Clause. Despite many Christians’ protests against this hypocrisy, it was in keeping with the inevitable repercussions of the First Amendment.

    “…Christians hang their religious hat on Amendment 1, as if some great moral principle is carved therein. They have gotten so caught up in the battle over the misuse of the Establishment Clause – the freedom from religion – that they have overlooked the ungodliness intrinsic in the Free Exercise Clause – the freedom of religion…..”

    For more, see online Chapter 11 “Amendment 1: Government-Sanctioned Polytheism” of “Bible Law vs. the United States Constitution: The Christian Perspective” at

  • frankenbiker

    God, and Jesus has been removed from any public view in universities, and government. However, it’s perfectly fine to talk about goatfcking muzzies and gays. The morals of this nation, have gone to hell, and if things don’t change, thats exactly where this country will go. God has a place in schools, and government, and more importantly in the hearts of American citizens.

  • JoAnn Dolberg

    Apparently the employees of this supposed institution of higher learning do not know the meaning of the word, “inclusive.”

  • Roy

    “This is all done in the name of “inclusiveness.”

    Apparently they want to include everyone EXCEPT Christians who I suspect are the majority among their students.

  • Moss500

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  • bga

    Good for Grace Christian Life. Sue them every time they pull this stuff. Parents don’t send you kids to these colleges. These colleges are not in the best interests of your kids. Send them to a college that will respect their upbringing and their free speech rights.