USAFA: Legal Groups RISE UP to support Cadets in Religious Freedom Fight!

By , Communities Digital News

COLORADO SPRINGS, March 14, 2014— Reaction to Religious freedom issues at the US Air Force Academy, Colorado, is coming in swift and strongly in support of cadets quietly but firmly protesting restrictions on their freedom of religion.

According to the Family Research Council, the Restore Military Religious Freedom Coalition comprised of 24 groups led by the Family Research Council and including legal groups such as Alliance Defending FreedomLiberty Counsel, The Liberty Institute, and Thomas More Law Center, announced that they stand ready to offer assistance to any Air Force Academy cadet who faces repercussions for writing a Bible verse on a hallway whiteboard that has been designated by the Academy for both official and personal use.

Reports Wednesday said that in response to Academy officials demanding that a Bible verse be removed from a cadet’s personal whiteboard space, verses from the Bible and the Koran have popped up all over the cadet dorms. (CONTINUE READING)


Lamborn (R-CO 5th) among supporters of religiously censored USAFA cadets | Communities Digital News 


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