[VIDEO] French Carrier Strikes Back Against ISIS!

France has launched its first missions against Islamic State (IS) militants from its Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier, military sources said.



The newly-deployed carrier has 26 fighters, tripling French capacity.

French President Francois Hollande has vowed to intensify strikes against IS in Syria and Iraq after the group said it was behind deadly attacks in Paris.

Belgian police meanwhile said they had arrested five more people in anti-terrorism raids.

France stepped up its bombings of IS following the attacks on Paris, in which 130 people were killed.

The latest series of strikes launched from the Charles de Gaulle targeted sites in Iraq, the French military said.




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  • Judith Van Doren

    France is doing right, and if Britain joins in for support, with others that may follow, the response should have good chance of success. obama staying out (it is obama, not the will of people of USA) his lack of support will be obvious to all that he is supporting islamic terrorism. obam’s lack of support of the USA, with his stealing of funds from USA with his $18+trill in debt, bad budgeting to cause low military upkeep, is treason against the USA in time of war. obama needs immediate impeachment to stop his daily attacks on USA.

    • Ray

      It is over due time to impeach this jerk. He has done enough damage to this country to last a life time. Removal ASAP !!!

      • Judith Van Doren

        Completely agree.

  • Mike_Travis

    The “war” against islime, which our government denies we are fighting, will never be won by military force alone, though force is a necessary ingredient of that victory. When fighting an ideology, they only way to destroy it permanently is to eradicate the ideology or eradicate its followers, or both.

  • jccargill

    First the first time in one hundred years America is out of the fight on evil.

  • bruce1942

    SPAM !

  • cherokeeman

    The wimpy ass terrorist obama will not do anything to destroy his terrorist cohorts. He is the lowest form of a man and president we have ever had. He is a traitor and commits treason and our Congress has had 7 years to stop him and they refuse to do so. 99% of them need to be voted out the next time they seek office.

  • Gorni

    Looking at that video…..what a beautiful sight!