VIDEO: Obama Unveils Progressive takeover of State and Local Policing #ObamaLaw


President Barack Obama today introduced his plan for a progressive takeover of state and local policing.

“We have a great opportunity… to really transform how we think about community law enforcement relations,” he said Monday.

“We need to seize that opportunity… this is something that I’m going to stay very focused on in the months to come,” Obama said, as he touted a new interim report from his Task Force on 21st Century Policing.

Obama also instructed his media allies to help a federalization of policing, and to sideline critics of centralized policing rules. “I expect our friends in the media to really focus on what’s in this report and pay attention to it.”



Obama Unveils National ObamaPolicing Plan | The Daily Caller.



Obama Unveils Progressive takeover of State and Local Policing



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  • Mickey Emerson

    Your actually halfway to mentally ill aren’t you? I mean, look at your post, rational? Hardly. Your clam to ” taking over” our constitutional republic actually would make you the traitor.
    And really, only a hate filled bigot goes around making false accusations at everyone,(which your own posts absolutley proves you to be) calling them racists etc to try to justify their own intolerance and hatred.
    And whats worse, an ignorant uneducated hate filled bigot such as yourself who has no clue about real history, the declaration, the constitution, progressions of democracies to totalitarian dictatorships, is dangerous to themselves, the people close to them and everyone else in this country, all because of your laziness to actually learn about any of it.
    I doubt you ever read Marx, I doubt you ever read anything about the founders except one line captions pasted in pictures on FB. Doubt you know what the federalist and anti-federalist papers are, you have absolutely no clue why a constitutional republic with divided powers is the only government that can assure our rights and freedom and not progress to a tyranny as all democracies and republics have done throughout history.
    You would throw it away for communism, even though history has proved over and over again, it always ends up with its people in chains.
    But then, you never read Marx to understand there is no such thing as true communism, that socialism is just another word for the same beast.
    But you know, those trustworthy socialists that have all but taken over the educational system told you there was a difference in “democratic” socialism. Never mind that is exactly the name north Vietnam used to describe its government.
    You are a brainwashed, indoctrinated and uneducated fool.
    Who so incredibly uneducated to the point that you don’t even know the only way our constitutional republic can be destroyed, so that we are enslaved by a tyranny, is from within. And fools like you, do all you can to support those who would do exactly that.

  • Terry Reynolds

    I don’t think obama wants to be in office any longer than he has to be, I think he will take his life long pension and run. He is to big a coward to try and stay longer than the constitution will allow.