We’re on the verge of a major international conflict 

I know most of us are still reeling from the Umpqua Community College shooting in Roseburg, Oregon. Prayers for the souls of those who lost their lives, their families, and those wounded and perhaps scarred for life. But we must never forget the carnage and death that occurs regularly in our inner cities, our urban areas, such as President Obama’s hometown of Chicago, that goes unmentioned from the nation’s biggest bully pulpit.


Written By Allen B. West:

But that is not want I want to focus on right now.

Today we got the September jobs report and it is still disturbing. Our economy is not growing at the necessary rate. The report put the unemployment rate at 5.1 percent, which is unfathomable when you consider the U.S. workforce participation rate remains at a historic low near 62.7 percent. In the entire month of September, the American economy added 142,000 jobs, 30,000 below what was estimated. These numbers are anemic, and do not represent a flourishing free market economy but one that is struggling — under crippling tax and regulatory policies implemented over the past seven years.

This cannot be the new normal and accepted as “positive” gains, especially considering annual GDP growth is below 2.5 percent. These are the reasons why the Obama administration has turned to Janet Yellin and the Federal Reserve to prop up the economy with artificial measures called “quantitative easing” — incessantly low interest rates and printing. It’s creating another bubble that will certainly burst. And it’s not about raising taxes on high wage earners; it’s about sound fiscal policy that restores our economy.

That is the major domestic economic concern for today, but there is a greater international concern. Due to the weakness of the Obama administration — or perhaps the intentional decimation of our global influence and military capacity — we could be on the verge of a major conflict.

A declared state terrorist organization, Iran’s Quds Force, led by General Qassem Suleimani, is now openly operating on the ground in Syria. Yes, Iran has “boots on the ground” in Syria using Russian air assets to attack the Syrian rebel forces supposedly supported by the Obama administration. I think it is fair and honest to say, another “red line” has been crossed in Syria. Sadly, President Obama took to the stage yesterday, showing his unrighteous indignation over having new gun safety laws – but said nothing about the Russian-Iranian-Syrian-Hezbollah alliance.

Perhaps President Obama should take to the world’s largest bully pulpit today and announce that the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), the Iranian nuclear deal, is cancelled. It is beyond belief that President Obama and his cohort of 42 Democrat Senators, who blocked the Resolution of Disapproval from even reaching the Senate floor for a vote, could still support this foolish agreement.

I’d like Obama, any Democrat, any liberal progressive supporter or their media accomplices to explain to me why ….

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How can President Obama actually look at himself in the mirror, look at the American people and tell us Bashar Assad must go — when he has created the conditions for him to stay? ~ Allen West




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  • lokiswife

    Go to a website called Phil’s Gang (philsgang.com), look in the free archives for his market close reports and you will be shocked at what is going on “underneath the radar” in this country. Phil Grande did excellent reports today and yesterday on the corruption and irresponsibility running our country. The segment on the Afghan bridges is disgusting – spending $millions on bridges in Afghanistan to enrich companies like PAE and Textron…The reports are live at 3:00 eastern time on his website and definitely worth listening to!

    • rico21

      twitter gogle

  • wildman

    ovomit should be hanged for treason along side holder,billary,and throw joe the retard biden in for good measures

    • jazzy

      dont forget valerie jarret

      • wildman

        oh hell yes- my list was just the first round

      • Dorrie

        Jarrett is Zero’s handler.

        • Chas

          Muzzie puppet master…

  • rico21


  • okydokyartichoky

    excellent article, thank you

  • Moss500

    Obama is just following orders. He has absolutely no clue what’s going on.

    • chrisitnesalt

      You’ve got to be joking! He know what’s going on. He’s just stupid enough to follow the orders that he’s getting. I’m still amazed one of those “loose nuts” hasn’t taken him out yet. Security at the WH is a little bit slack.

    • FreedomEcho

      Most people do not understand what you mean.

  • Hotnike

    Obama is in this way over his head. This POS fraud wants to tear our nation down but now is faced with a problem he has no idea how to attack.

    • carlcasino

      Not to worry Valerie Jarrett is on speed dial to George Soros and as soon as all the financial’ are secured he will pass on to the Iranian puppet what to tell the occupier.

  • hogwild04

    what will see war and it knocking in the door the UN has got it foot inside but will not be able to keep there WE THE PEOPLE ARE IN FOR A FIGHT I WILL NOT GO TO A FEMA CAMP

  • Dorrie

    The PROBLEM is that Zero won’t listen to the generals! That was the biggest problem during the Vietnam conflict because the liberal Democrat president wouldn’t let the generals fight the war. So Vietnam was lost to Communism because of it. We’re on a larger fiend now and there is far more at stake – and Zero WANTS America to lose – on every count!

    • usmadgirl

      O’Dumbo did listen to the Generals so he had to get rid of all the GOOD ones in order to do the exact opposite of what they said! That’s why he only kept the ones who agree with his agenda, because, like you said, he WANTS this mean old America to lose!

      • Dorrie

        I know … he got rid of over 300 top brass who had the brains to deal with America’s enemies. Now our military is filled with homosexuals and last year alone there were 24,000 male on male sexual assaults. He is purposely destroying our ability to defend ourselves and nobody is stopping him.

        • usmadgirl

          You are so right! It’s been a 6 1/2 year nightmare, waiting for SOMEBODY to do SOMETHING after intentionally violating his oath of office, intentionally trying to collapse our entire economic system, committing treason (let me count the ways!), fraud & yet, this phony imposter is STILL sitting his communist butt in OUR White House! I can’t arrest him by myself!

          • Dorrie

            Argentina says Obama tried to get them to give nuclear material to Iran.


            That should be considered high TREASON! Why hasn’t he been removed from office?!

          • quentin feldick

            O bam hates America and american people so much, there is no limit to the evilness he will go to hurt us, however O bam is a coward and enables others to do as much damage as possible to the United States. He gives nuclear weapons to terrorist regimes so they have the ability to kill half of the worlds population.

          • usmadgirl

            I read that too! Why hasn’t Fox mentioned it (or maybe they have this weekend when I had to have a break from the news while I work)!

            The site I was sent to was Truth Revolt which also mentioned Pamela Geller. This is just unbelievable! Poor Nixon was run out of office for covering up something someone else did! THIS is the entire O’Dumbo administration along with the entire Dumbocrap Communist Party as accessories to the crimes! I’ve had a really hard time wrapping my head around all this intentional EVIL!

          • Dorrie

            More and more, Fox is leaning toward the left.

  • quentin feldick

    O bam, rightly so, condemned mass shooting, not to protect lives but to enhance his agenda of destroying our second amendment right of firearm ownership.Proof… I have not ever heard him condemn dozens of shooting every single night in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, or other large cities. Never once has he condemned Muslims killing Christians by the thousands, in the middle east.

  • Pendo

    Our govt makes me want to puke!

  • Jeff Noncent

    we can not live like this anymore, something need to happen in America

    • Conservative

      Unfortunately, all the Socialist/Democrats in Congress are on the same page as Obama in everything. They genuflect when they approach him, he tells them how to vote, he dictates their talking points and then the government controlled MSM continue to pick up the slack and convince the gullible, uninformed public are convinced they are hearing truth. Then again, they may not care about anything but ‘what’s in this for me’? They don’t care what’s happening in the Country or the world. In case those gullible voters are not enough, they make illegal aliens think they care so much about taking care of their every need and arrange for the means for them to vote illegally.

      • quentin feldick

        Excellent post Jeff. You are spot on correct. O bam must have a huge book full of blackmail cards he pulls out every time someone opposes him. I have tried many times to convince the gullible on how evil O bam is. It is near impossible to open feeble minds that block out all slivers of truth.

      • Jeff Noncent

        that’s what communist, socialist is all about

  • maryatlanta

    Failure to negotiate the Iraq SFA/enabled ISIS, Iranian Nuclear deal $150 billion to Iran/enables terrorism, failure to address conflict in Syria/enabled Assad, Russian air power in Syria/attacking US allies undeterred. This admin. enables US enemies.

  • VietVET

    with the halfrican, MUSLIM traitor in the White Mosque….we’re in BIG TROUBLE….he’s allowing a “paper tiger” to become a reality…..he sides with our enemies and chides our friends …..he’s a worthless piece of camel dung who should be tried for treason!!!!

  • John McGay

    Trump for president. Putin for vice… JM

    • Dorrie

      *eye roll*

      I’m voting for CRUZ 2016 !!

      Carson would make a great VP!