“What does a Republican look like?”

Dan Bongino

I posted this picture of my daughter Amelia and me on my Instagram account yesterday and promptly received a few emails which said “You don’t look like a Republican.” I responded, “Well, what does a Republican look like?”

Although I cannot fully explain why some Republicans forfeit their principles for power and tarnish the movement, I can tell you what a real Republican looks like to me.

-A real Republican looks like a middle-class mother tired of forfeiting away nearly half of her paycheck to a government which can’t even balance its own checkbook

-A real Republican looks like a retired senior who played by the rules his entire life and absolutely refuses to have his healthcare taken away by an administration that simply cannot tell the truth

-And finally, a real Republican is a college student who questions authority in cases such as the NSA, because she knows unquestioned authority corrupts.

The point is, it doesn’t matter how many tattoos you have or how you cut your hair, what matters is your commitment to a set of principles which limit the government’s power over you and not your power over your own future.



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