What Obama is planning to unleash for Christmas is DESPICABLE 

Article 1, Section 8 Clause 11 of The Constitution.

In the world of Barack Obama, reality has no true bearing on any of his decisions. As we see every day, his policies aren’t determined by true reality but rather his intransigent philosophical beliefs.


Written By Allen B. West:

So in January 2009 Obamaland, if you say Guantanamo Bay must be closed, regardless of the global Islamic terror environment, it must be closed. And to hammer that point home, you’ll tell yourself — and create the false narrative — that the enemy will just stop and sing kumbaya once GITMO is closed.

So get ready, whether they’re naughty or nice, sometime between now and Christmas Day, a group of GITMO unlawful enemy combatants will be released back into the “wild.”

As reported by Fox News, “The Obama administration may be moving toward one of the biggest transfers of Guantanamo Bay prisoners in years, as part of the president’s slow-moving and still-controversial push to empty the camp.

A congressional aide confirmed to FoxNews.com on Thursday that the Pentagon has floated to lawmakers the possibility of transferring another 17 detainees. The aide said lawmakers will be briefed on the plan Friday — while voicing concern that the strategy is to reduce the prison camp population to “as low as they can get,” even if it involves “a good deal of risk.”

Who is on the apparent short-list for transfer and which host nations might receive them is not publicly known, and could be reviewed at Friday’s briefing.

The proposal was first reported by The New York Times, which said Defense Secretary Ash Carter has told Congress he’s approved the 17 proposed transfers. If this moves forward, it reportedly would be the largest number of transfers in a single month since 2007 and could bring the number of detainees at Gitmo down to 90. Officials described the 17 to the Times as lower-level detainees.




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  • DenverKitty

    All that we can hope for is the muzzslimes get to obutthead…with a rusty knife.

    • Mike_Travis

      Denver, that sounds defeatist. There is something we can do but it takes courage and commitment. That something is to gather a large number of citizens and arrest Ovomit which is not only our right but our duty.

      • DenverKitty

        Mike…I certainly didn’t mean to sound “defeatist”…especially if you read my last 4 words. Reality bites, Mike, but in this day and age, ovomit is protected way too well, with more escape routes than most rats have. So, a repeat of the French Revolution would not fare well. The Congress and Senate are useless. Since ovomit fawns on his muzzslime brethren, it would seem that they have the best opportunities available. I wish them luck. And I hope that they film it.

        • Mike_Travis

          Denver, I understand. It is often difficult to grasp the real intent of a post as most are short and without clarification. Sorry, I was not trying to attack you, just to comment which was driven by a misunderstanding on my part.

          • DenverKitty

            Mike…no prob. Sometimes I leave out a word, or don’t proofread as well as I used to….LOL!! My intent is 100%, my eyesight about 70%, and my typing…well… Mike, you have a very Merry Christmas and a safe entry into the New Year! Kitty

    • sandraleesmith46

      They won’t, until they have total comtrol; he’s THEIR tool here.

      • DenverKitty

        sandra…So TRUE! KT

        • sandraleesmith46

          Kitty, you’d think it’d be obvious enough for a deaf, blind, brain dead person, to get, by now, but evidently we have a huge segment of population even more inpaired than that walking around. No wonder the CDC put out that Zombie Apocalypse survival kit awhile back!

          • DenverKitty

            sandra…the “brain dead zombies” will not “get it” until they hear the “click” of the trigger being pulled. And that final look of surprise when they realize hat demoncrats are the ones pulling that trigger. KT

          • sandraleesmith46

            They may not get that click, just the cold metal slicing through their necks, wielded by their Muslim “neighbors” they invited in.

          • DenverKitty

            sandra…so very true. KT

          • DenverKitty


  • sweetqueen777

    But, it is too late, and many STILL will not accept the facts. He truly is the USURPER and FRAUD in Chief. Satan is protecting him.

    • sandraleesmith46

      Indeed, he is!

  • ArmyBrat

    I n the dictionary beside the word TREASON is a photo of BHO. Any person in this country who can say that he or she still supports this tyrant does not deserve his or her freedom period. Our only hope is to eliminate this POS ASAP!

  • Mike_Travis

    So COL West, when will you call for Americans to arrest Ovomit for his crimes including treason as is our right and duty? While I appreciate your comments, it is time to get serious and stop doing nothing but talking about the problem. Since congress refuses to act, arrest them as well.

    • sandraleesmith46

      Truth is he has NOT committed treason; for that, he’d have to be an US CITIZEN, of which there is exactly ZERO evidence to be found (I do not accept his say so as valid). What he HAS committed is a coup d’état, and espionage as a FOREIGN agent, with the complicity of the Democrat party, especially Pelosi! Last I heard, that also carries the death penalty…

      • Mike_Travis

        Personally I agree with you that he is not a US citizen. My goal was to guide COL West and his readers to the realization that arresting the POS in our WH is essential if we are to restore our Republic. So hanging him for treason or sedition are both good options for me, so long as he is hanged for that is what he deserves by law.

        • sandraleesmith46

          Agreed. I just think there’s a stronger case, legally, for sedition than treason.

  • Pray Hard

    What could possibly go wrong?

    Remember, kids, Americans are the “real” terrorists. I presume it’s because we get in the way of Muslim bullets and make the landscape messy with our blood and body parts from Muslim terror attacks.

  • frankenbiker

    The left, in their warped insanity wants to close GITMO and tranfer the detainees to prisons on US soil. This way they’ll have all rights granted to US citizens. How fcking stupid is that? First of all they’re not criminals, they’re WAR criminals, big difference. They don’t deserve our rights, or our courts. If the great goatfcker wants to close GITMO then KILL ALL THE PRISONERS. End of the problem and we have no more prisoners in GITMO. Until the next batch gets caught, then we can kill them also.

  • Steven Morris

    1 in 3 return to the battle field. If they each kill one that means 5 will die for no reason. Who really pulled the trigger?

  • Twosticky Drummindog

    I find myself wondering, if anyone is getting it! If anybody sees that Barack Obama is just “acting”, but has no intention to defend or uphold the Constitution, as he swore to do! He is a Muslim jihadist! He has no plan to protect Americans. No desire to further the strength and freedom of the United States of America. He wishes to destroy us. His actions, against America and inaction towards enemies of America, evidence his true intentions. Coupled with the Muslim Brotherhood, Frank Davis Marshall and Bill Ayers, this combinations puts Obama in a very different light than what the average, busy and preoccupied American believes about Barack Hussein Obama. He is the domestic enemy of the United States! Obama is only the front man-the point man, for the Muslim Brotherhood, who are actually pulling the Islamic strings, behind the scenes. We are in serious trouble here!

    • AmericanEagleForever

      As the point man, he has helped to install a labrynthian network of other “brotherhood” soldiers throughout our government. Additionally, as we just saw in the treasonous Omnibus Bill, they now FULLY control not only the usual traitors such as Reid and Pelosi, but all of the other “decision makers” in the US Congress including Ryan, McConnell and Hatch (and every one of them that signed that bill) with either bribery, blackmail or threats, or any combination of those.

  • JT

    Just curious, if one of these released enemies goes back to fighting U.S. troops or citizens, will any of our elected officials have the guts to charge him with aiding and abetting the enemy?

  • KC

    Welcome to the new AMERICA ,,,,, Thank a useful idiot ,,,

  • Libby Stack

    He’s just going to trickle them out until no one left. Then he’ll take Gitmo and turn it into his retirement compound. Hey, think about it. Not that farfetched at all, at least for him. And he can get back to his Commie roots.