WHOA! Look What just Happened in Seattle

Seattle employment has cratered thanks to the $15 per hour minimum wage goal set by the City Council. Going in the face of the advise of economists, the city forged ahead with their program. It is only this policy that is to blame. Just outside the city limits, the job market is great and growing. Inside the city limits, eh, not so much. But they feel good in the city council meetings. Read all the facts in this fine article.



Fight for 15 update: Seattle employment craters:

Science! (Is economics really a science? I’ve long felt it should be taught alongside astrology or some related field.) In any event, the continent sized Petri dish which is the American jobs market has been the subject of much speculation since the Fight for Fifteen muscled its way into the presidential campaign debate. It’s a very populist position which the Democrats have been riding like rocket. At the same time, people who actually study such matters have been warning that it would backfire spectacularly, particularly if it was implemented in a rush. Job availability is subject to the same laws of supply and demand as anything else, and jacking up wages almost always has to result in fewer jobs. Last year I published a piece which summarized the findings of a number of analysts who had come to that conclusion and drew considerable flack for it.

Liberals weren’t interested, however. Even the Obama administration had the Department of Labor publish some “myth busters” on the subject, assuring all the citizens that everything would be just fine and everyone would get a pony.

Myth: Increasing the minimum wage will cause people to lose their jobs.

Not true: In a letter to President Obama and congressional leaders urging a minimum wage increase, more than 600 economists, including 7 Nobel Prize winners wrote, “In recent years there have been important developments in the academic literature on the effect of increases in the minimum wage on employment, with the weight of evidence now showing that increases in the minimum wage have had little or no negative effect on the employment of minimum-wage workers, even during times of weakness in the labor market. Research suggests that a minimum-wage increase could have a small stimulative effect on the economy as low-wage workers spend their additional earnings, raising demand and job growth, and providing some help on the jobs front.”




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  • lou39

    Once again, common sense gone awry. Surprise, surprise.

  • edinflorida

    This is all part of the plan to destroy America’s stability in the economy to further the ongoing racial divide.

  • Jeffrey L. Mcdonald

    It’s the West Coast mentality, more is good. You have California and Wahington not doing so well but hey let’s pay this person working at Starbucks pouring coffee for $15.00/hr. No way can companies afford to pay that much to an employee and not have to raise the prices to pay those type of wages. Sounds good at the top but things roll down hill. So when your customers leave because of those prices you’ll have to let employees go just to pay that $15.00/hr.

    • Snake

      Have to disagree on that one Jeff, it makes sense allright, however the breed of proglib demonkraps that go to starbucks do it for the coffee. Their coffee is nasty stinking sewer swill. The hardcore liberals go there for the exposure.

      • Jeffrey L. Mcdonald

        I have t I disagree, have you looked at Starbucks stock over the years. They’ve done very well. But customers will not buy their coffee or their menu items where prices rise to high to justify buying a high priced Drink. If you haven’t looked recently they are letting go of employees to maintain their bottom line. More companies will follow this downward trend. You just can’t pay a young worker $15/hr. to pour some coffee & expect the consumer to pick up the wage hikes. Things do run down hill & it puts companies bottom line in jeopardy & the only things to do is raise the prices or let people go. Guess what happens, the employees will lose their jobs.

  • Retarded Jihadist

    A business man/babe was once seen losing money on each item sold. Asked how one was going to continue on such a losing track, they proudly proclaimed, “I’ve done the research and know I can overcome the loss . . . by just selling more!”

  • Ah nutz

    I live here = Seattle and pretty much anywhere west of the Cascades has really stupid voters , who of course elect even more stupid ‘officials’ -top to bottom…REALLY DUMB.

    • yennikcm

      San Fran North.

    • Bob TheBuilder

      What’s dumb is Moron voters East of the Rockies who don’t know how to create JOBS, they only know how dig deeper in the pocket of hard working tax payers. That’s stupidity. It actually takes some thinking to create a job, their stupidity is to just say GIVE MONGO MORE MONEY.

      • schreib

        I would not say east of the rockies, rather the east coast. We folks here in the prairie states of North Dakota on down to Texas have more common sense and we tend to spend wisely and we are very conservative. The left coast and up in New England. Is there something in their water? “Stepford democrats” They do what their party tells them

        • Snake

          We lived in the northeastern communist corrider in the status of Mass. It was truly maddening and taxed beyond belief. We just packed up and left, it was politically and practically obscene.

    • fishydude

      Seattle proves why Grunge didn’t really make it out of the city, but for a few exceptions. And those few were excoriated as sell outs.
      I know some lefties in Grunge bands in Seattle.
      They complain of the wage gap but somehow miss the fact they have chosen to work in Music which is a pure meritocracy with a huge wage gap between a typical Grunge band and say Matchbox 20 or Taylor Swift.

  • lokiswife

    Seattle has one of the most liberal populations anywhere, and a liberal governor with a raft full of loony ideas….get away from the Seattle-Tacoma area and people are normal and nice in small towns all over the state…

    • schreib

      And that’s why I think Bernie will take Washington

    • fishydude

      Seattle forced the last gun shop in town to close.
      If they could they would outlaw cars within the city limits. They would mandate that anyone city resident buying a CD, digital album, or vinyl or any artist in the the 25% must also buy 2 albums by Seattle grunge artists.
      After all, Grunge is the official music genre of Seattle.

    • Voulezvu

      It’s the tail wagging the dog, as so often happens these days.

  • Sandbag2

    If you worked at McDonalds as an example and worked yourself up from an entrance job to shift manager, wouldn’t you want a raise after the entrance level person just got a government mandated raise? Wouldn’t then the shift managers boss also want a raise. This would continue up the ladder. Right? Now I’m using McDonalds as an example but the same would hold true for all workers even if the company they work for doesn’t employ any minimum wage employes, and this is what I believe.
    It’s nothing but inflationary and a way to get the politically uninformed to vote Democratic.

    • Nunnyah Biz


    • fishydude

      What will happen is that those with a proven employment record of high quality work and training will come in to Seattle to work from surrounding towns and those with no skill, training or experience will have to drive out of town for work.
      Hotels in the Seatac district, before the min wage increase got free meals at work over time, and earned vacation time. After the increase, they lost the free meals, lost the overtime, and lost the vacation time benefit. The vast majority were better off before.

  • Yvette

    Then there are people making $15 hr, but want their hrs cut so it doesn’t cut into their welfare benefits … go figure …

    • Nunnyah Biz

      They’re called “common corpses”!

  • Nunnyah Biz

    Boy, am I glad i moved away from that shathole 28 years ago! I’d probably been indoctrinated into libbyism by now, if I hadn’t seen the “writing on the walls”!

  • Nogs sgon

    Advise =/= advice English is hard!


    So in the meantime this fiscal stupidity will raze job growth and the idiots who wanted this will pay more in taxes and find it much harder to get jobs, then the taxpayers will have to pay for the unemployment created by the dipwads of the left who will never fess up to being dumbasses….

  • Voulezvu

    So, what does your research show now, Mr. Obama?

  • burnseyscamo

    Virginia Crisp sucking cock maybe

    • OldTyrant


  • horrible deplorable raynbene

    Well, anything that dems, socialists and liberals touch turns to camel dung eventually ! Any comment from that Indian woman (forgot her name) who started this wage push ?

  • dhd123

    This the same type of idiocy that Bernie Sanders is talking about. Everything is fine and dandy until the “other peoples money” runs out. The pipe dream of getting 15 bucks an hour for a job that barely rates $7.25 an hour is always destined for the trash heap. It works until the business goes out of business because there it just no way to pass that big of a price increase(to fund the minimum wage and the insurance mandates) on to the customer and keep them as a customer. No way can a business operate at a loss and stay in business. The other problem are the people taking these minimum wage jobs, and treat them as a career, then gripe for wages that skilled tradesman start out making. Making coffee and flipping burgers is not a skill.

  • Freethinker02

    Meh. The naturals laws of supply and demand will give minwage advocates their just reward.

  • frankenbiker

    You just can’t fix stupid, especially when its attached to ideology like liberalism. Those kinds of people are emotionally, genetically, mentally defective and intellectually challenged. Anyone with a high school degree can figure out that a small business that makes say, a million a year in profits, would lose most of that, preventing them from expanding and possibly hiring more people. Most small businesses reinvest their profits back into their companies, allowing for future expansion. This kills that, which is exactly what the goatfcking muzzie prick and Hildebitch want to happen. Heralding a path to extreme socialism. Their endgame.