Why is There a Carrier Battle Group in the South China Sea?

The United States Carrier John C. Stennis and her carrier battle group have arrived in the South China Sea. Is it really a show of force? Is it just a normal deployment? China has been forcing the envelope in this area for a while now. This issue bears watching. Read more below.

100,000 Tons of Diplomacy

As Written By William Lowther  /  Staff reporter in WASHINGTON for Taipan Times:

US Navy aircraft carrier, escorts arrive in South China Sea for ‘show of force’

A US Navy aircraft carrier and five escort ships have arrived in the South China Sea amid rising tensions over China’s militarization of disputed islands, Washington officials confirmed on Friday.

The Navy Times described the deployment as “a small armada.”

Officials approached by the Taipei Times played down the situation and passed it off as routine, but Fox News said that “multiple defense officials” told it the move was “a show of force” and a signal to China.

A US Pacific Fleet spokesman said the nuclear-powered carrier USS John C. Stennis and its air wing, along with two destroyers — USS Chung-Hoon and USS Stockdale — and two cruisers — USS Antietam and USS Mobile Bay — were in the region.

The Navy Times said that the command ship USS Blue Ridge, the floating headquarters of the Japan-based US Seventh Fleet, was also in the area.

According to Center for a New American Security analyst Jerry Hendrix, the Pentagon is demonstrating its full commitment to presence and freedom of navigation in the region.

“With the full carrier strike group and the command ship, the navy is showing the scope of its interests and ability to project presence and power around the world,” he told the Navy Times.

A report issued last month by the think tank said the days of the US Navy’s “unchallenged primacy” around the world might be coming to an end.




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  • RoscoeBonifitucci

    Obama is a Totalitarian Moron. He knows not what he does. He needs to be removed from the seat of power before he does more damage to the USA and innocent peoples of the world. Obama needs to be impeached by any means necessary in order to take away his power in these last 320 days he officially has in office.

    Obama is the MOST dangerous man on the planet to every man, woman and child.

    • Donald H Sullivan

      And as Marco Rubio said, Obama knows exactly what he’s doing.

      • Jae Ashley Stewart

        And Rubio needs to understand that we certainly don’t need his amnesty right now either.

      • Frank Szabo

        … yes he does. Obunghole is doing exactly as his masters want.

      • yomammatoo

        You and Rubio got that right!

  • yomammatoo

    Traitor in Chief has done nothing but make us look weak until his last year. Now he starts rattling his sabers. Wonder if he just wants to be sure and leave the next POTUS and likely Republican, as big a mess as possible. That way he can claim he kept us out of conflicts but Rep. started it right away, war mongers that we are you know!

    • usmadgirl

      You mean IF he leaves office?

      I’m shocked that he allowed ANY ships in the area & didn’t just give them Hawaii or at least send China a bouquet of flowers instead! BUT your comment makes a lot of sense IF he thinks he’ll have to leave the cushy eternal “vacation” he’s had for over 7 years while George Soros & his minions were busy destroying our Republic!

      • Dorothy Delgado

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    • Donald H Sullivan

      The way our candidates are carrying on now, I don’t have much confidence that the next POTUS will be Republican.

      • yomammatoo

        Oh yeah. Unless the Rep and Dem estab get together and pull off the biggest coup of all time? Then we are in for another Revolution. The people will not hold still for that. ENUFF OF US HAVE HAD OUR MAX FILL OF DCs BULL CRAP. THEY CANNOT CONTROL 3.5 BILLION ARMED AND P.O.d AMERICANS! Ask Great Britain how it worked for them when we were many less!

      • JDH

        Unfortunately they are (thanks to Trump) bickering like a bunch of H.S. wanna be’s .After the dust settles,hopefully the process will have nominated an individual that tends to the U.S. Constitution and the law!

        • yomammatoo

          Go Ted!

  • BayMan

    Curious there was no mention of submarine activity co-incident with the battle group…

    • Frank Szabo

      You might want to check out the USN’s website and learn exactly what comprises a “Battle Group”.
      I assure you, the Naval assets in the region would not be allowed to have their ass hanging out.

  • frankenbiker

    1980 the Kittyhawk, Nimitz, and Midway composed the largest USA armada since WWII, all for a show of force during the Iran hostage crisis. This is no different. We need to show China that they can’t just claim territory, and threaten the security of the region. Will this prevent a confrontation? Hell I don’t know, but we need to do something to let the world know we’re still a force to be reckoned with. Regardless of the fact that we have a goatfcking muzzie coward as CIC.