Why ‘NO’ Is The Only Answer!

The GOP has been unfairly labeled the Party of No by their Democrat opponents and this cry is ever joyfully repeated by the drive-by media at every opportunity. This label was started back when the Democrats controlled the White House, Senate, and House. No Republican idea was ever allowed on to the floors of Congress. As the Republican ideas were suppressed all they could do was oppose the liberal agenda. In opposing any Obama nominee for SCOTUS, the Republicans are not plowing new ground. This fine opinion article by Tony Katz covers the Democrat Party Of No when they opposed nominees. Read more below.


As Written By Tony Katz, The Daily Caller:

‘No’ Is Why America Elected Republicans

The death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia at 79 has been a gut punch for those who follow the Constitution, and a reason for glee from those who celebrate the death of anyone who disagrees with them. Also, allegedly, it has created constitutional crisis of monumental proportions as Democrats demand the GOP-controlled Senate confirm whomever President Obama decides to nominate to fill the position.But there is no crisis. There is only one word. No.

No, we will not consider any of Obama’s nominees. No, we won’t vote them. No, we don’t care what you say about us on MSNBC. No, we don’t care if you claim this is for political reasons and political purposes. No, we don’t care if you campaign on it.

Why am I so confident in how clearly and effortlessly the GOP should say “No?” Because the Democrats have already done it.
The Internet is amazing. If you search hard enough, more often then not you’ll find what you’re looking for. Digging through the volumes of history compiled over the lifetime of man, one had to go back to ancient times to find proof of an appointment held up by a political party for political reasons and political purposes.

The ancient times of 2003.

Meet Miguel Estrada. A very talented legal mind who had been nominated by President George W. Bush in May of 2001 to serve on the U.S. Court of Appeals in the District of Columbia.




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  • lokiswife

    Don’t you just love it when the internet brings up an article disputing liberal blather on something they have done in the past but don’t want conservatives doing now?

  • Jeff Noncent

    it’s time for the Republican to stand against the guy in the white house, there is a reason why the judge die especially this time of the year, the guy in the white house need to learn his lesson

    • Lucille McCabe

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      • Nunnyah Biz

        Still selling children to the muslim slavers huh Lucille?

        Your parents must be so proud!

        • urbanvrwcmom

          Lucille is actually Luke, a zit faced loser living in his Mom’s basement that posts stock photos of someone else, that he passes off as himself .

          • Nunnyah Biz

            Ah, ok, my mistake! So his mom let’s him sell children out of her basement, got it!

          • urbanvrwcmom

            That’s the ticket, cricket! 😉

    • Mike_Travis

      Jeff, it is 7 years past time! In those eyars, the cowards and traitors in the gop have freely given Ovomit EVERYTHING he wanted without ANY effort to stop him. That makes them ALL complicit in his treason by law for which they should all be executed with him.

      • Jeff Noncent

        that’s mean we’re screwed big time

  • Retired Marine

    It is my opinion that given a defeat on carbon emissions Obama and company decided to take him out so they could replace him with a liberal of their choice. Since his was the strongest voice with the greatest understanding of the Constitution, he was a threat to the Obama and liberal plan to destroy the United States. Under no circumstances should his “nominee” be selected. Should that happen, this country will not resemble the greatest country the world had ever seen, but become a liberal third world quagmire and hell hole. We must stand forth now or lose our hard fought way of life.

    • Nunnyah Biz

      The only way to “stand forth” is armed revolution!


  • Beckah

    Brilliantly written Mr. Katz! I’m holding my breath that this will be the ONE TIME in the last 7+ (or more like 30) years that the GOP will actually DO the job they were voted in to do, push back against the “progressive agenda”! Are you listening GOP? This is your LAST chance to save your voter base!

    • Nunnyah Biz

      You will be turning blue quite soon!

  • Patriot47

    BOOM. Now next opportunity, the queen will appoint Lynch.

  • Nunnyah Biz

    Yeah right! Just like Rino Ryan said “no” to Patty Murray, back in 2013 budget, and then caved in to every demand! Then he just said no to the usurper’s latest budget and gave him everything he wanted!

    Party of “No” my buttocks!

  • frankenbiker

    Why should the GOP rush to do anything? Of course the goatfcking muzzie douchebag is going to nominate an appointee, but under normal circumstances he’d take three months to vett his nominee, the senate would take three months to vet them themselves and then another month to vote. Seven monthes, my advice, take your time senate. Crazy Harry would. And I’d enjoy seeing him blow an aneurysm.
    The goatfckers a lame duck douchebag anyway, so just ignore his nominee, and his tantrum.

  • DWB

    Mike Travis, I agree with you 100% and think WE THE PEOPLE will have to rise up if the traitors in the GOP do not stop the B.O. crowd of stooges.