Why The NeverTrump Crowd Is Still a Nuisance, And Still Wrong [Video]

Laura Ingraham explains why Donald Trump should not compromise with the moderates and the left. The really interesting thought here is that Trump and the people that elected him are, in fact, not the radicals. The radical politics have been coming from the left for decades.

This is great insight into how Mr. Trump should govern. 

As Written By Laura Ingraham, Editor-in-Chief of LifeZette.com:

It’s been a difficult year politically for NeverTrumpians. Take, for example, Peter Wehner, the former speechwriter for George W. Bush, who spent most of the year expressing outrage over Donald Trump.

Now that the “Electoral College will revolt against Trump” fantasy is officially dead, certain Republicans like Wehner still can’t do the “Frozen” thing and “let it go.”

On issue after issue, for the last 20 years or so, the bipartisan Establishment has delivered policies that were not moderate, or even safe.

No rallying around the White House, or lectures about unity, for Wehner. Instead, in a column in The New York Times, he continues his attacks on the president-elect while celebrating what he calls the “ancient virtue” of moderation. He fears that moderation is “out of step with the times, which are characterized by populist anger and widespread anxiety.” He’s right about the anger and anxiety. But, as usual, he’s wrong in his diagnosis. The voters didn’t turn on the Clinton/Bush Establishment because it was too moderate — instead, they turned on it because it was too radical…..





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  • Jeff Noncent

    I am for Donald Trump even though he is married 3 times

  • Patriot47

    Back to mom’s basement and plotting. Plans falling like dominos.

  • Sapient1

    My contention has been, and remains that the Conservatives in America have consistently maintained a healthy wariness for any person to whom power was delegated of any and all stripes–ie they appreciate the necessity of checks and balances no matter who is in office. Somehow, that wariness and appreciation seems to have vanished with Mr. Trump and more than a few of his rather rabid supporters who, oddly, have much in common with the liberals they insist they oppose. These folks can spin a “he said this but he really meant something entirely different” in order to make a sow’s ear look like a silk purse with the very best liberal. A lie is still a lie where I come from.

    “Third [as POTUS], I would press for universal health care. It’s ridiculous that the richest country on Earth can’t provide first-rate healthcare for our people. I would put forward a comprehensive health care program and fund it with an increase in corporate taxes. I’d strictly regulate the pharmaceutical firms to end these 500% profits on the drugs that are cheap to produce. I like the Canadian system, although their healthcare is not the best. If you combine their system with the quality of our health care, we could provide cradle-to-grave health care for everyone.” –Donald Trump, the Advocate, 2000.

    Interestingly, just the other day i was admonished “You Constitutional Conservatives had your chance. Now get out of the way.”


    THAT is what I am supposed to be comfortable with? NOT IN A MILLION YEARS!!! Took an oath to that Constitution years ago, and have never been released from it.

    All that said, I would be glad to hear from someone who thinks ignoring the Constitution is the way to get the nation founded on the Constitution back on track. What does Mr. Trump think of the Constitution anyone, and how do you know this?

    “Never Trump” is hardly the issue—“For every delegation of power there must be a check” is.

    “Power must never be trusted without a check.” — John Adams

    God bless