Will Intel be enough to keep America safe from a Brussels-type attack? [VIDEO]

The Brussels bombing has given intelligence agencies world wide more than they can handle. They are fighting this battle under a handicap. General Flynn and Greta cover the issue very well in this VIDEO.

Gen. Michael Flynn: We Have to Stop with the Political Correctness, Recognize Radical Islam and the Enemy for What It is

As reported and first appeared on Fox News:

Former director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, Gen. Michael Flynn went ON THE RECORD on what needs to be done America safe from a Brussels-type attack, why he believes there will be more terror attacks like Brussels and Paris and why it is so important our government officials specifically acknowledge the threat of radical Islam.



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  • JDH

    Nope…if they want to do it,they’ll get it done! Most Americans are not in touch with reality, they’re to caught up living their protected and unconcerned lifestyles

    • Hunterecon

      Deadly, but true.

  • Dave In Arizona

    Only if Obama allows it; he won’t.

  • frankenbiker

    Our intell is a fcking joke. The NSA, FBI, CIA, DHS all are too busy spying on law abiding US citizens than they are worried about Syrian and ISIS terrorist.
    I sure wish they’d stop calling ISIS as belonging to a religion. They belong to a death cult, NOT A RELIGION.