Will this be the next target when the next liberal shoe drops?

Judging by these statements, it seems eminent.


Over at the Weekly Standard, John McCormack reports on his inquiries to a number of Senate Democrats on their willingness to end tax exemptions for religious entities that refuse to recognize same-sex marriage.

The responses are interesting. While none of the Democrats expressed a desire to end tax exemptions for churches, when pressed about their position on religious institutions like Christians schools and colleges, the responses were much less certain. Richard Durbin called it a “challenging area” and noted that he’d have to “think about it long and hard.” Maryland’s Ben Cardin was more militant, declaring “You have the freedom to teach, to preach the way you believe without losing your tax exempt status, the answer is yes. If you are affecting the rights of third parties, then you’ve crossed the line.” But he expressed uncertainty as to how employment protections “apply to Christian-run schools.”


Are Senate Dems Already Willing to Threaten Religious Tax Exemptions? | National Review Online

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  • eastedie33510

    I fully expect the fomenting liberals to go after the American flag next.

    • metheoldsarge

      They already are. Where have you been?

  • Laddyboy

    What ever happened to the First Amendment? Did ‘congress’ quit using the Constitution and its Amendments? These actions makes One wonder!!!!!!!!!!!

    • 2War Abn Vet

      Constitution? Obama don’t need no steenkin’ Constitution!

      • Laddyboy

        His actions are SCREAMING this. I hope the America voters wake up and dismisses all of these communists/fascists/progressives/democRATs.

    • metheoldsarge

      The First Amendment is only for those who agree with the liberal agenda.