Woman Dumps Water on Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake at Festival

A woman dumped what appeared to be water on Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake as she greeted residents at the Mondawmin Festival Saturday morning.


The woman ran up to Rawlings-Blake and poured a large cup of liquid over the mayor’s head. Aides rushed to the mayor to help her dry off while a member of her executive protection unit grabbed the woman and placed her in handcuffs.

Police identified the woman as Lacheisa Pailin-Sheffer, 37, of Baltimore. She has been charged with second-degree assault.


Mayor hit in the face with water at Mondawmin festival – Baltimore Sun



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  • Sherrie Lynn Aldrich

    Second degree assault for water??? wtf

    • Ronald W. Mann

      Of course, she could have melted

      • shelby


    • Katlady

      What evidence do they have if it’s water? A video of a spoiled brat getting wet? LOL It should have been piss for what she’s done to that city.

    • Frank Prorock

      Legally, yes. Charges will likely be lowered or dropped. I guess the assailant can use as a defense that she did not know what the time limit was on the Mayors orders to stand down and allow room to destroy.

      • reve888

        That’s good thinking!

      • Mike Lashewitz


      • Linda Shepherd

        Love your response.

  • AmericanGirl

    Should have thrown piss at her!

    • draidt


  • Terry Gene Blagburn

    no charges should be filed as the water was not damaged

  • Tomssw

    It could have been a bullet, people are sick and tired of these frauds…

  • ellodeb

    Just trying to put out hell’s fire.

  • yennikcm

    Oh, the horroroor, the humanity……chortle chortle

  • ThereAintNoJustice

    She’s lucky it wasn’t something more caustic than H2O.

  • setemfree

    She is lucky it was not acid. Anyone that would step back and allow low life thugs to destroy other peoples property, stores, homes. needs more than water thrown at her.

  • eastedie33510

    I hope the mayor take this incident to heart. Even her own are tired of her lies.

  • usmadgirl

    Second degree “assault” with WATER? Whoever charged her with that silliness should be embarrassed & ridiculed forever! We are living in “Wacky World”! I’ll bet the woman who threw that “evil” water on her wished she’d gotten a few good punches in instead so the “crime” would fit the “charge”!

  • Chas

    Should have been Tiger Rose or Ripple. Stephanie’s used to spilling those cheap Baltimore street wines on herself. In reality, Stephanie believes she’s a shoe-in for reelection next year, which looks increasingly doubtful. The Baltimore natives are totally disgusted with her actions and conduct during the riots. The fact that she had her 8-person bodyguard team remove her from the mayhem of Baltimore City to the safety of a gated estate in Baltimore County will soon be revealed. Explains why no one — police, governor, media, emergency management — could reach her for two days, and that will only further isolate her.

    • Joseph C Moore USN Ret

      No one – TWO words.

  • Homer

    Ruined that H2O!

  • mspatdev

    She wasn’t for anyone, but herself. The American blacks are not even for her in Baltimore. Then she tells the police not to do anything. She ruined the town. Then she fires the chief of police that was behind her, not good. sharpton had all of his racist people there to destroy the town. The racist people were complaining on the major T.V. that they weren’t being paid.

    • Joseph C Moore USN Ret

      The paid inciters were stiffed of their promised payment. Excellent! It shows the deviousness and hypocrisy of the left that they would pay compliant blacks to destroy property of other blacks.

      • mspatdev

        These rotten rioters were paid by sharpton and obama to thrash the town.

        • marah natha

          It was actually George Soros who promised money. I’m betting the higher level of payees who were to distribute the money never did so.

    • Smith Jones

      Wonder if she can be charged with vehicular assault for throwing the chief under the bus?

  • Smith Jones

    This mayor should be charged with wanton destruction for allowing “those who wanted to destroy” to have free reign in her city.

  • frankenbiker

    Yeah you all know how dangerous that water can be, well it might be coming from Baltimore harbor.

  • Sickofliberallies

    What a waste of perfectly good water.

  • James Zander

    lets put this in perspective…

    average baltimore woman pours cup of water on head of mayor and gets charged with second degree assault.

    baltimore mayor uses her power and orders LEOs to stand down, purposely allow criminals to steal, commit arson, destroy private property, and homes…and she still walks free with no charges…

    wake up Baltimore!

  • Crapper

    I hope it was piss instead of water.

  • Ed Perry Green

    If that snake was on fire I wouldn’t waste the water to put that scum out

  • Janet Carroll Anderson

    Um yeah, that’s a little extreme to charge someone with 2-degree assault for throwing water. I’m gonna guess here and say, Rawlings-Blake won’t be getting this woman vote for re-election.

  • ClassicLiberal

    She needed space to destroy.

  • Zerough Deigh

    I will never ever visit Baltimore again…even if they do melt the mayor.

  • Brenda Wagner

    She was probably upset because of the rain tax.

  • ADR

    While it was not a kind thing, perhaps the mayor should consider the plight of the community and the blight she is allowing to take place. All of this and the lawlessness of many citizens, her administration, and the prosecutor, and the corruption that brings about the protection of the very ones perpetrating the violence upon the public, is beyond the pale. If we had a lawful justice department, this possibly might not have happened, or at least, been cleaned with the administration being held accountable for its action or inactions.

  • steve34609

    She’s got revenge written all over that uppity face of hers.

  • USAnowMSAsadly

    If only it had been a .45 cal bullet. Damn.

  • shande123

    And the donut licker gets off scot free.

  • Commonsense

    In 1978, 909 members (including over 300 children) of Jim Jones religious cult in Guyana killed themselves by drinking cyanide laced Kool-aid. So “drinking the Kool-aid” refers to people blindly following what they are told to do without any rational consideration.
    Back in the day when someone asked your name and you didn’t want them to know it you said “Puddintain. Ask me again I’ll tell you the same.” It’s like Anonymous.

  • DL123

    When they were attacking others with bricks, we give them space to destroy. When you’re pouring water on them, it’s 2nd degree assault.

  • Gartha Patton

    What about her allowing the police to be pelted with bricks and no assault charges brought even though they were on video doing it? A little water second degree assault! Needed a fire hose to wash the dirt she’s done to that city!!

  • Homer Simpson

    Oh great. Now there is another toxic waste site where the mayor was standing.

  • stickyChocfinger

    you know the politicians are getting worried when they press charges for water being thrown on / at them….

  • Phil

    How dare she attack one of the annointed ones! What is going on with the commoners of today?

    • Phil

      Have they no respect for Royalty, Lords and Lady’s of our nation?

    • jsjrallen

      She was being re-annointed.

  • Dual Bag

    She tripped. I was there.

    ~Brian Williams

  • Mike Lashewitz

    Even the black people of Baltimore do not like the two faced bitvch.

  • daveleeander

    Good. This poor excuse for a mayor deserved it. She’s worthless

  • mydogpopo

    The cops should do nothing for her…….they should ask for her resignation….what say you?

  • Bill Willis

    The mayor and her minions must have heard about the dangers on DiHydrogen Monoxide.