Woman who issued ‘S**t on flag challenge’ is a Military dependent!

Sierra McGrone, aka Nocturnus Libertus became famous last week for her anti-american flag challenge.

As Reported by Popular Military:

Sierra McGrone, aka Nocturnus Libertus became famous last week for her anti-american flag challenge in which she challenged people to “wipe their ass with the flag of imperialism.”  Oddly enough, this Anti-American has lived off the U.S. government for her entire adolescence!  Almost her entire family has served; her mother is or was a Sergeant First Class in the Army and her brother and three cousins are serving now.



Woman who issued ‘Sh*t on flag challenge’ is a Military dependent

Image from Popular Military Website – popularmilitary.com



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  • http://treeofliberty14.blogspot.com/ Irredeemable Gary

    What a retard!
    A complete failure of humanity.

  • VietVET

    anybody that fvking UGLY is bound to have anger issues

  • Highervalue

    She needs her ass kicked.

  • BruceInBaghdad

    She is a disgrace to the citizenship of the US. If there is a country where she would prefer to live, I’m sure we could raise enough money to send her there.

    • Michael D. Rininger


    • Eleuteria Di Lorenzo

      I’m with you…bring that monkey to the jungle where she belong..im so tired of people disrespectful of this Country..

    • wispymoon

      I don’t think she should have an option of where to move to. if she wants to identify as an Afrikan, then that’s where she should be sent. I hear life is grand in Africa.

  • Sickofliberallies

    Fkn disgraceful piece of dog sh1t she is.

  • Ed Wade

    How long do you think she’d be alive if she excercised her right to say such things about the ISIS flag while in a middle eastern country? She doesn’t deserve freedom.

  • JDH

    Give her to isis!

    • Donald H Sullivan

      Great idea!!!

    • Michael D. Rininger

      the dont want here either.ISIS is bad but she wouldn’t last long they would trade here off to the MUSLIM BROTHER HOOD,doubt they would want her either to be honest

  • Earl Gregory

    She is not worth the time it would take to verbally abuse her.

  • https://twitter.com/metal_liberty Damian N McQuade

      How did you find that?

  • Gilchrist

    Wonder if she still thinks this whole flag-thing on the Internet was a great idea? Chilling to think people like her can get on military bases.

  • lynn mawhinney

    Her mother must be so proud…

  • http://funsignfactory.com/ Eydie Adams

    I’d be happy to buy her a one-way ticket to any country of her choice. It’s obvious she doesn’t appreciate it here in the USA.

  • Cbt_Engr

    Her and several million others just like her should be given a free flight to be dropped off at the country of their choice — at the altitude of my choice!

    • Their Grandma

      Let’s take up a collection to send her to North Korea or Syria.

    • Lucian

      Screw that. Bullets are so much cheaper.

      • Michael D. Rininger

        got that right

    • Michael D. Rininger

      I agree,as long as it is above 20 thousand feet.

  • sandraleesmith46

    Her benefits should be cut off at once!

  • frankenbiker

    This woman personifies the definition of the word n!gger. If that offend black Americans, then maybe you guys need to stop crap like this. You know, living off the tax dollar, then biting that hand.

    • Lee Scott

      More whites are on government assistance than blacks…nice try though

      • frankenbiker

        Never said that whites weren’t just as bad. Just that with racial tensions the way this regime has them, blacks are setting themselves up for failure. So are the whites who live off our tax dime.

  • bikerdogred1

    She comes from trash, no doubt.

    • Donald H Sullivan

      The puzzle is that she comes from a good, patriotic family. She was booted out of the army and this is her idea of revenge. She is not trash, she’s stinkin garbage.

  • liberalssuck

    Have a coke a smile and kick her out of the US. A good muzzy country for her. Let her enjoy the non liberty in those places.

  • UraSwine

    A total waste of skin! She should be euthanized immediately, so she can’t contribute more of her kind to the gene pool!

  • George Bernard Vieto

    In the words of the late actor Burgess Meredith (Rocky and the Batman television series) “She’s a bum.”

  • Randy

    Another “liberal” hypocrite. common as dirt. Why havent her family beat her ?

  • David M

    From one minority to another minority, all I have to say is take your ass and move to another country. If you think this country is so bad, move your ass to Iraq, Iran or Somalia. This POS needs to be extradited to the nearest muslim country so she can see exactly how good she’s lived in the United States. She’s disgusting!!!

    • Sickofliberallies

      Amen! These liberal twats in America have no fkn clue how good they have it here.

    • jesbeinreal

      Send her ass to Africa with some pure Africans and let her see where her family would be today if not for this country

  • Artemous Hue

    I think someone needs to wipe their ass with her. Oh, wait, she’s the stuff that needs wiping.

    …And it has NOTHING to do with her being black for you racist folk who want to chime in.

  • linda stoever

    I’ll bet her family is very proud of this POS.

  • Patriot47

    15 minutes and all.

  • meg

    She became Famous( excellent, very good)! This makes her famous……… by who’s standards a lot of hits on a site .See what would happen on a street in front of true Americans .Wonder how her serving family feels about her un patriot actions?

  • ConDada

    Why am I not surprised. Its the way this country is becoming. There is no loyalty in anything anymore. There is no appreciation for what others do/have done. So many expect handouts, empathy and special treatment for simply existing. So many bite the hand that feeds these days and cry prejudice when that hands stops serving their best interest. I’m sure she’ll have some random excuse for her behavior like she is a victim in this country because she is black or somehow perceives she has been discriminated against. She should be deported for her actions. Send her to the “homeland” and see how quick she develops an appreciation for that flag.

    Or perhaps she is just mad at the world because “she” happens to look like a “he”.

  • midasrex

    Some people simply need a good old fashioned ass kicking once in awhile. This one is way past due.

  • moocowzz

    Her family must be proud of her.

  • Phoenix

    I’d slap her, but sh!t splatters. Hey Sierra, before you set the flag on fire, douse yourself with gasoline then wrap the flag around you. Effing b!tch.

  • Susie Haynie

    Her family must be really proud. I went to her page and posted this article and tagged it…hypocrite. Disgusting.

  • Tanker74

    I see her burning the US flag. She’s just like Dylann Roof, who was pictured doing the same thing. She needs to be jailed before she shoots up a “white” church.

  • suqsid4

    No comments yet from the 3 stooges…

  • m4time

    Hopefully nobody finds out who the Soldiers are. Even though they won’t get UCMJ, they will have a rough time.

    • Michael D. Rininger

      As far as I am concerned,as a ARMY VETERAN,if it were up to me her family members would be discharged with OTHER THAN HONORABLE OR DISHONORABLE DISCHARGES,AND ALL BENEFITS CUT OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rashad Green

    Wow so a few ignorant people do something stupid and now it is about black and white. Really!!!! You are absolutely right ladies, what would America be like without the African American presence!?!? Do yourself a favor and go a day without using an invention a African American invented…..how can this country ever be one nation under God when ignorance and hate is throughout…GOD BLESS YOU ALL…

  • David Pawson

    Anyone know where we can get some toilet paper printed up? Her face will make a nice target.

  • ReadingReality

    I wonder how her family feels about her utter disrespect for the flag they serve under. They make a sacrifice for our country and she made a fool out of herself…smh.

  • Justsomedude58

    Put her on probation. More of this type of inciting people to do evil and she should lose her citizenship. But that will not happen because we have always been free in America. That is why this is the best country in the world. If you hate America, go live with your friends in Iran.

  • http://jewelscent.com/kimberlyanns. Kimberly Shepley

    total trash and offensive to all of us who have family serving she lucky she doesnt live in arkansas that i can see if she does please let me know

  • SCforG920

    I was an AF brat and served in the US Navy. My dad was stationed in the UK during my high school years back in the 70’s and we brats were very patriotic about our flag and country. In my opinion, the current lack of respect for country is due to the education system re-interpreting/re-writing history to brainwash for political gain. This young gal is a product of the current education system.

  • wiserperson8710

    She is just an ignorant POS. Her family should be ashame of her. I hope she doesn’t reproduce.

  • Karolina

    What the f### lady??? I mean you wiping with the wrong flag, I know several other flags that deserve that one in particular…..but not my fifty stars and thirteen stripes hunni.

  • Mister007

    If she was any fatter she could be in a sideshow as a freak…

  • Kritter

    I would hope her family would straighten her up with some “wall to wall” counseling. Oh, and maybe it’s time for her to move out on her own.

  • PS

    I’m curious how these people treat veterans on the street.

  • Wildcat Clarksville

    Issue a persona non grata and deport to Liberia.

  • Carol Notermann

    What a disgraceful excuse for a decedent of our Military Service People. I’ll chip in to send her somewhere else.

  • DaviceH

    How about we wipe your ass right off this rock!
    Fly her from a flag-pole for all to see

  • Ken Whitworth

    Disrespect is easy when you never had to bleed to keep your freedom…

  • Jon Blackburn

    Probably came in under Clinton.

  • Bonita F.Steele

    Sharon Kay Werner, Most of the people on Welfare and food stamps in America are White. The average drug users are White, male and has a job. Blacks do not bring drugs into the US. I don’t agree with the wiping of the flag, but what do we owe America, a country you say has done so much for us. A country who enslaved Blacks, beat, raped, and to this day is still hanging Blacks. WE were promised two mules and 40 acres of land. To no avail. We would quite possibly have had a better life in Africa than the US. Blacks do not owe America “Anything”.

  • Jesse Carpenter II

    I guess this is the ultimate question, I can’t help but ask it anyway. “WHY”? Why is she doing this? The cheesy video I saw she said she would go back to africa. If we`d give her reparations. Reparations? That was dealt with a long time ago if I remember right. That`s all in the past. Let it stay there.