WOW! CBS Creates Fake Story on Chicago Torturing Incident

In the world of radio journalism, CBS Radio has lowered the bar to a record low. Demonstrating the highest ability to deliver all the facts while bringing the radio audience to a conclusion that is the exact opposite of the event is a distinct talent. The Chicago torture, if you heard their broadcast, was Trump supporters on a black victim. This is an actionable item for the FCC.

As Written By Thomas Lifson for American Thinker:

This may be the single most despicable act of media bias I have ever encountered.  It took a lot of effort and art for CBS Radio to put together an early report on the Chicago torture incident that was strictly factual, yet created the impression on listeners that a group of white Trump supporters had attacked a helpless mentally challenged black man.  Mediaite provides a transcript of what was reported last Thursday morning by a top-of-the hour broadcst distributed to radio stations across the country.

In the brief Thursday morning report– which attracted attention when a listener posted the clip on Reddit Friday– here’s how CBS characterized the attack:

The viral video of a beating and knife attack in Chicago suggests the assault had racial overtones. CBS’s Dean Reynolds tells us the victim is described as a mentally-challenged teenager.

In the video he is choked and repeatedly called the n-word. His clothes are slashed and he is terrorized with a knife. His alleged captors repeatedly reference Donald Trump. Police are holding four people in connection with the attack. [Emphasis added by Mediaite]

The report is technically correct, but widely misleading. By noting the attackers used the n-word during a racially-motivated attack while “referencing” Donald Trump, the clear implication is that the victim was black and his attackers were racist ……


Blog: CBS radio report created the impression Chicago torture victim was a black man assaulted by white Trump supporters



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  • Bobseeks

    Lieberals hate the truth and prove it every time they speak. I hope that Trump forces the scum at the FCC to investigate this incident

    • olf

      The culture today hates law and order. We have allowed the left to get so far from truth, reason and logic that every excuse for sin is supposed to be acceptable. Our creator God is a Father of love, truth, order and justice. Even some so called Christians shy away from obedience. Of course they are not really Christ followers. Today dirty words are obedience, work, truth, honor, integrity, honesty. Love God with all your heart, mind, soul, strength and love thy neighbor as thy self.. Amazing what we have allowed to steal our country ideals. God is not amused. Get honest with God and ourselves. Repent and seek God and all His principles. Emmanuel.

      • Larry


    • D Books

      Trump will need to replace the head scumbags at fcc before we can even see a glimmer of hope of “draining the media swamp” and restore UNBIASED honor, dignity and truthfulness in media reporting procedures. I am hoping that he will be diligent at cleaning our house!

      • Bobseeks

        As do I!

  • Jerry Anderson

    Why i call this Clinton Broadcast System….Wow…how could this be allowed to go unchecked?

    What a piece of journalism!!

  • Taking care of business!

    Is the CBS logo an eye, or another part of the anatomy?

    • Myrna

      Since it is black, the location would be a good guess!

    • Nunnyah Biz

      Sphincter maybe???

      • Taking care of business!

        One of them.

  • Nunnyah Biz

    I find it troubling that the media no longer tries to emulate the great journalist Edward R Murrow anymore!

    But when did they switch to emulating Joseph Goebbels?

  • Bob

    I had a Sgt many years ago who said something like this:
    “Believe NONE of what you hear, and half of what you see, and look twice to be da*ned sure you saw what you thought you saw!”
    He was right on. That was back in 1965.

  • Jeff Noncent

    that’s the reason why I don’t listen to this crap CBS, NBC, ABC, they all tell lies

    • urbanvrwcmom

      CBS: Crap Being Spewed.

  • metal

    If it were a member of their immediate family who was being tortured I bet it would change their tune. These racist pigs couldn’t care less if you voted for 0bama, their only concern is the color of you and your children’s skin. I hope they think about what they are enabling before they let their kids walk home from school alone.

  • Bob

    all of these news sources that tell outright LIES should have their broadcasting license brought up for review.
    Lying, is lying not matter “which side” you are lying for. It should NOT be tolerated!