100,000 amnesty applications approved before Texas Judge halted program!

A report by the Washington Times is quite revealing today. Our veterans are dying waiting for healthcare but “Americans in Waiting” or so-called “Dreamers” are given preferential treatment and rushed through the system to give them rights that not even American born citizens have. This is what was reported today.

by The Washington Times:

The administration processed about 100,000 applications for amnesty for so-called Dreamers under some of the expanded rules President Obama announced last year, lawyers told a Texas judge late Tuesday, in a move that could complicate their claim that they have halted all action under the amnesty.

Mr. Obama’s Nov. 20 announcement offered a number of different benefits to illegal immigrants, including expanding eligibility for his 2012 amnesty for Dreamers and boosting the amount of time he was granting an amnesty form deportation and permits for legal work from two years to three years.

While the administration hadn’t begun collecting applications under the expanded eligibility, it had awarded tens of thousands of three-year permits to applicants who had qualified as Dreamers under the original rules from 2012.


100,000 amnesty applications approved under Obama rules before judge halted program – Washington Times.

100,000 amnesty applications approved


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