12 questions that do not seem to trouble anyone, but the answers to these should be EXPOSED!

These scandal questions are based upon a great ‘what-if’ and they are deserving of being asked as well as answered. The what-if portion of this inquiry is what would be the answer to these questions if Hillary Clinton had won the campaign for President. There are a lot of issues that are in the news daily. Where would these issues be if she had won? What if the Hillary/Fusion GPS/Steele Dossier ply had defeated Donald Trump? Would his voice be heard as he told of the collusion against him? Read these questions and think about them for a minute.

 As Written and Reported By Victor Davis Hanson for AM Greatness:

Sometimes the hysteria of crowds causes them to overlook the obvious. Here is a series of 12 questions that do not seem to trouble anyone, but the answers to these should expose why so many of the people today alleging scandals should themselves be considered scandalous.

1) Had Hillary Clinton won the election, would we now even know of a Fusion GPS dossier? Would assorted miscreants such as Andrew McCabe, Bruce Ohr, Lisa Page, Glenn Simpson, Christopher Steele, or Peter Strzok now be under a cloud of suspicion? Or would they instead have been quietly lionized by a President Clinton grateful for noble services in the shadows rendered during the campaign?

2) If Clinton had won, would we now know of any Russian-supplied smears against Donald Trump? Would a FISA judge now be complaining that he was misled in a warrant request? Would likely Attorney General Loretta Lynch be reassigning Associate Deputy Attorney General Bruce Ohr for his consultations with Fusion GPS operatives? Or would Russian operatives alone be likely, at an opportune moment, to threaten to leak to the media that they had given salacious material to Clinton operatives to ensure her election, and thus they were to be owed for their supposed help in ensuring a Clinton victory? Would anyone be now listening to a losing candidate Donald Trump making wild charges that he had been smeared in the closing days of his campaign by leaks of a Clinton cabal that drew on Russian help?

3) Are any Russian related interests currently still donating millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation? Why is Bill Clinton not being asked to speak by various groups—including those with……


Scandal Questions Never Asked, Much Less Answered – American Greatness

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