20 Questions Conservatives Would Love To See Asked At The Next Dem Debate 

This is a great list compiled by John Hawkins for Townhall. What would you have the debate moderators ask the democrat candidates at the next debate?

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By John Hawkins for Townhall:

1) Hillary Clinton, your husband has had numerous affairs, has had sex with an intern and he settled a sexual harassment case with Paula Jones. Incidentally, there are far worse accusations than that against him that havent been proven. So, isnt it fair to say that your husband is part of the war on women?

2) Hillary Clinton, in the first debate, you said you were proud to have drug companies and health insurance companies as your enemies. However, your campaign and the Clinton Foundation have received millions of dollars from both industries. Will you be giving that money back?

3) Hillary Clinton, in Bob Woodward’s book, The Choice, he noted that you communed with former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt and Indian leader Mahatma Gandhi from beyond the grave. Your husband also confirmed in a 2012 speech that you used to commune with Eleanor Roosevelt; so this isn’t something that you can credibly deny. Can you explain why you did that and what you believe you learned from talking with the dead?

4) Hillary Clinton, do you think someone who hasn’t even driven a car since 1996 is in touch enough with the average person to run the country?

5) Hillary Clinton, in the first debate, you were proud to have Republicans as enemies. Since that is your attitude, wouldn’t electing you as President guarantee non-stop partisan warfare?

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