10/1/11 Rep. Morgan Griffith (R-VA) Addressing Govt regs that cost private-sector jobs…….

Congressman Morgan Griffith (R-VA) delivers this week’s address, detailing government regulations that cost private-sector jobs and impede economic growth. This fall, as part of the House Republican Plan for America‘s Job Creators, the House will continue working on legislation to stop excessive and unreasonable regulations. These common-sense bills will save thousands of American jobs and […]

Is Sharia Law Already In America by Peter Paton

by Peter Paton The tell tale signs of Sharia Law are already emerging in America if the perceptive and intuitive observer looks close enough to the shifting political and cultural sands throughout the Fifty states of the Union.The distinct possibility that we may see a colossal Islamic Victory Mosque appearing from the fallen ashes of […]

“Know the Enemy” by Leslie Burt “Allen West knows the Enemy” PLEASE READ

by Leslie Burt WRITTEN ORIGINALLY on 06-23-2011 Follow Leslie Burt on twitter: @LeslieBurt Allen West Knows the Enemy Executive Summary Radical Islamism is on the rise across the globe and within the United States. Our policies to deal with the threat have been inadequate through several administrations. The problem lies in the liberal philosophies political […]

We The People Are To Blame by Scott Cooper of Reflections From The Burg

by Scott Cooper   There is a huge uproar these days about the direction our republic is headed.  There is a lot of discussion about spending, debt and entitlements.  There are a lot of suggestions out there about what could and should be done.  During these discussions, many display anger and frustration toward our elected […]

A personal note of Thanks from Congressman Allen West

I can tell you things in Washington right now are not good. Democrat leadership in the Senate refuses to work on any issues to try to get our country back on the right track to prosperity. Their liberal agenda is to tax and spend our way out of our nation’s problems. I’m continuing to speak […]