Excellent Article “Has Our “System” Failed, Or Has Our President” by Austin Hill

by Austin Hill via TownHall.com “The system has failed.” Have you heard this comment lately? Does it express how you feel about America? This one sentence, vague as it is, nonetheless captures a common sentiment about the current condition of the United States. With the “occupy” protesters disrupting civic life around the country and President […]

The 8th Miracle To Save America – by Chuck Norris

by Chuck Norris via TownHall.com Despite high unemployment, continued bad news across fiscal America and a presidency that has lacked luster and restorative productivity, Barack Obama’s stats continue to rival his top GOP challengers. And let’s not forget that he still has the mainstream media hypnotically backing him or that his campaign machine hasn’t even […]

AMERICA NEEDS SAMSON – Fantastic Article – by Peter Paton

By Peter Paton America today is confronting the greatest threat to its existence in living memory. Faced with multiple complex domestic and foreign policy dangers that threaten to destroy the fabric of American society and place it at the hands of its merciless enemies. On the home front there is the staggering financial deficit of […]

Congress Moves Closer to Restoring a Key Second Amendment Freedom – by Chris W. Cox

Thanks to the good work of millions of American gun owners and NRA members, Congress is moving closer to restoring one of our fundamental freedoms guaranteed by the Second Amendment. Ten days ago, the House Judiciary Committee considered amendments to the “National Right-to-Carry-Reciprocity Act” (H.R. 822), which would allow any person with a valid, state-issued […]