The “Parable of the Button” – Angela West

by Angela Graham-West via The Republican Coffee Corner with Angela I am always trying to help a number of my older (read distinguished) friends to use the technology that we have. It is amazing because most of the questions that they have can be answered just by “Googling”. I asked him what button he pushed […]

Allen West “Unfriendly Fire On The Fiscal Battlefield”

by Allen B. West via Next Generation TV The terrain at the bottom of the “fiscal cliff” may be the next battlefield for the U.S. military if across-the-board budget cuts kick in March 1. The pending sequestration mandated by federal law would force hundreds of thousands of civilian Defense Department workers into furloughs, threaten states […]

Allen West “A mix of bad ideas and lip service to good ones”

Courtesy of Allen West – Weekly Update on Next Generation TV via PJTV The president paid lip service to tax reform, but if you raise rates and close loopholes, that is double taxation. Furthermore, we have heard this in several Obama State of the Union addresses but have yet to see him move toward a […]