Allen West “HUGE Loss For Team America”

Tuesday, October 22, 2013 – Allen West: Out of the Foxhole by Allen B. West for The Washington Times PALM BEACH GARDENS, Florida, October 21, 2013 – The stench and abysmal theater emanating from Washington D.C. reminds me of the infamous “Toilet Bowl” college football game between Oregon and Oregon State in 1983. As I’m a born, raised and schooled […]

Allen West “Mayor Mia Love is about to become a household name.” @MiaBLove

You’ve probably never heard of her before, but you will soon…because Mayor Mia Love is about to become a household name. Last summer she gave one of the most heart-felt and inspiring speeches I’ve heard at the Republican Convention and gave liberal Congressman Jim Matheson the fight of his political life in Utah’s 4th Congressional district. She […]