NC NAACP March Required Photo ID for their Marchers. Hypocrisy Anyone?

BELOW IS THE MISSION STATEMENT FROM THEIR WEBSITE: Make Sure that you check out the DO’s and Don’ts for the marchers. (Screen grabbed photo in case they decide to remove it) and The message of economic equality for all is seen below in their statements several times. The Founding Fathers stated clearly we are to […]

READ THIS: Suggested Reading February 2014

  Though the liberal media seems bent on providing aid and comfort to the enemy, it must be our task to understand our warrior’s sacrifice, to remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice, and most importantly, live inspired by their example. The soul of The Lone Survivor: The warrior ethos for all of us | […]

Allen West “This will send chills down your spine”

Written by Allen West In the evening after the All State Choir conference in Louisville, Kentucky, competitors returned to their Hyatt hotel to rest up. What ensued is something that will just send chills down your spine and make pride swell in your heart. These talented singers gathered on the balconies of 18 floors and chose […]

Geraldo Joins “His Majesty’s Secret Service” | Allen West sayeth you must watcheth

Written by Allen West Here’s an interesting exchange between Bill O’Reilly and Geraldo Rivera regarding O’Reilly’s interview with our monarch er president. Seems Sr. Rivera believes President Obama has “majesty” and should not have to answer to inquiry. In America we do not have kings or queens. We are supposed to have servants of the Republic, those who […]