One Percenter Hypocrites: Barack and Michelle

America’s royal family’s newest vacation By Judson Phillips for Communities Digital News WASHINGTON, February 15, 2014 — The Olympics are in full swing, and it is a pity there is not a gold medal for hypocrisy. President and Michelle Obama would win the Gold hands down. They would have no serious competition. Barack Obama is celebrating the increase in […]

Allen West “How stupid do they think we are?”

by Allen West Just weeks ago we had the State of the Union. This past week, we see Obama’s state of confusion. I mean really, do they actually believe the American people to be imbeciles? Now, I recall President Obama stating some 33 times, “If you like your healthcare plan you can keep your healthcare […]

Allen West “And yet another Obama lie.”

Written by Allen West President Obama once again displayed his adept skill at playing the “low hanging fruit” game of politics by formally signing an executive order raising the pay for employees of federal contract workers. Of course, he wants Congress to do the same for all Americans. Never mind the fact that “all Americans” who […]