Allen West “Could Barack Obama be any more out of touch?”

Earlier this week, I wrote to you about President Obama’s ridiculous prediction that the majority of Americans will appreciate Obamacare within 5 years. Please scroll down to read the email below if you missed it. This week, news broke in my home state of Georgia that the fourth hospital in two years is shutting its […]

Allen West “Americans will not stand for “weaponizing the IRS” READ THIS

Written by Allen West on February 20, 2014 I woke this morning to a very disturbing editorial from the New York Sun. It began with this quote from a February 19th editorial from liberal progressive newspaper of record, the New York Times: “Secret money has become the scourge of the political system and needs to be eliminated regardless of […]

Allen West “I would put my wife Angela up against “Tiger Mom” Chua, ANY DAY”

Written by Allen West on February 20, 2014 I’ve been fortunate to be married for 24 years to an extraordinary Jamaican woman named Angela. She’s done a phenomenal job raising our two daughters, Aubrey and Austen, and over the past two years has been exceptional in counseling and mentoring our Chinese exchange student, Wangying Lin. So perhaps […]

Allen West the tea-party favorite returns to politics with a vengeance.

By Eliana Johnson for Allen West, the fast-talking former congressman and tea-party hero, isn’t ruling out a presidential bid come 2016. “No one should ever sit around and say, ‘I want to be president,’” the retired lieutenant colonel tells me. “That’s a position that somebody needs to be called to serve.” West, who spent […]

Allen West (VIDEO) Venezuela May Become Terrorist Nursery via @NewsmaxTV

by By Lisa Barron for This raises concerns about the South American country becoming a training ground for more terrorists, says former Republican Rep. Allen West of Florida, who joined Morris for the Newsmax discussion on the violence simultaneously sweeping Venezuela and Ukraine. “It has already happened as far as the relationship between Venezuela and […]

Oh, No! Another Black Conservative Republican Running for Office

by Lloyd Marcus for American Thinker In the tradition of Sarah Palin, black Tea Party leader Katrina Pierson is a beautiful God-, family-, country-, and Constitution-loving conservative Republican.  Fearless and outspoken, Pierson’s inspiring life story nukes the Democrats’ mythical Republican War on Women. Sad that I even have to go there, but Pierson’s skin-color derails the Democrats’ deplorable narrative that […]

Allen West “Semper Fidelis to those who fought and died on Iwo Jima”

Written by Allen West February 19th is a day few Americans are thinking about as one of significance. However, for a few remaining warriors, it is a day they shall never forget. Sixty-nine years ago, US Marines hit the volcanic beaches of an island in the Pacific called Iwo Jima. It was part of a month-long […]