Allen West “Don’t Compare Arizona Protests to Civil Rights Movement”

by Newsmax for The Steve Malzberg Show It’s a “slap in the face” to the black community to compare protests against an Arizona bill, which would let some business owners deny services to gays, to the civil-rights movement, former U.S. Rep. and retired Army Lt. Col. Allen West said Wednesday. In an exclusive interview with […]

Allen West On Defense Cuts, Taliban and Ukraine (Audio) | Kilmeade Kondensed

Lt. Col. ALLEN WEST (Ret.) talked about the cuts to the defense budget and the crisis in Ukraine and what we can expect from Russia.  On withdrawing troops in Afghanistan the Lt. Colonel explained that the Taliban can re-emerge. Post by Brian Kilmeade.    CLICK HERE TO LISTEN: KILMEADE AUDIO LINK

The Allen West Foundation “Texarkana” event was OUTSTANDING!

via The Allen West Foundation We had an OUTSTANDING event, “For The Future Of America”, in Texarkana Texas on Monday evening, at the Texarkana Convention Center! Thank you to our sponsors: Skip Colvin, Steve Conner, Dr. Jeff DeHann, Fay Jay Durant, Victoria Ellerfritz, Curt Green,David Haak, Pete Kaburick, Steve Ledwell, John Norton, Dr. Reed Pierce, […]