Hagel admits that “the trust has been broken” between White House and Congress

BY: Adam Kredo Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel admitted that “the trust has been broken” between the White House and Congress following the Obama administration’s decision to skirt U.S. law and release five top Taliban leaders without first consulting with lawmakers. Hagel admitted to lawmakers on the House Armed Services Committee Wednesday that the administration unilaterally inked […]

The MSM is calling Dave Brat’s win a “stunning upset,” but is it really?

Fact is, in many respects, the only stunning thing about Brat’s upset win is that there haven’t been more political victory dances like this one sooner. It should be clear to any sentient American citizen of either party at this point in history that politicians, fat cats and business institutions large and small, supported by […]

Allen West “White House Top 8 lies about Bergdahl”

by Allen West on June 11, 2014 Who’s on first? I’m quite sure ya’ll have seen the famous Abbott and Costello sketch — to this day, it’s still quite hilarious. Well, comedic skits are fine for humor but troubling when it relates to the modus operandi of the Obama administration — supposedly the most transparent administration in […]

So you think you know why Eric Cantor lost? These people aren’t happy either

While many people may wonder why Cantor’s religion matters, the answer is because Republican Jews have always been on the outside looking in. They are Jews in a Christian nation, and Republicans in a religious community that is overwhelmingly liberal Democrat.  READ THIS STORY AT THE LINK BELOW Conservative Jewish republicans lament Eric Cantor’s loss […]

Allen West “Congratulations David Brat and the REAL lesson that should be learned”

by Allen West on June 11, 2014 The political news media needed something to talk about, and political newcomer David Brat delivered last night. The economics professor from Randolph-Macon pulled out a stunning upset of Rep. Eric Cantor, GOP House Majority Leader. Of course his victory has breathed life back into the media-driven GOP establishment versus grassroots […]