VIDEO: LTC Allen West ~ Faith and Freedom Coalition 2014 ~ Road to Majority

Former Congressman Allen West (R-FL) spoke out against immigration reform in Congress, saying the Senate bill’s plan to provide citizenship for undocumented immigrants would hurt the stability and the economy of local communities. This speech is included in program 313373-1, the second day of the Faith and Freedom Coalition’s “Road to Majority” conference at the […]

Debunking the lies of anti-gun rhetoric

By Eric Golub A string of recent shootings has allowed the gun control crowd to try and exploit the innocent dead victims for political gain. Insisting as always that their cause is righteous, the anti-gun lobbies have resorted to the same tactics that they do with climate change, the war on women, the Washington Redskins […]

Allen West Outnumbered on Fox [Videos] considered #oneluckyman today

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Obama’s now-open border provides an entry way for even more terrifying possibilities.

Americans should be terrified and should be up in arms. The government is in effect erasing our southern border and inviting anyone who wants to come in, come to America.  According to Border Patrol agents, Obama is ordering them to simply release illegal immigrants they capture. These include unskilled workers who will compete for minimum wage […]