Is that a smoking gun I smell? IRS had archiving company contracted in 2005

Is that a smoking gun  I smell?  It turns out the IRS contracted with a company that provides email backup services starting in 2005.  This first came to light in the Twitter feed of moregenr, who noticed that the IRS appears on the client list of email  archiving service provider Sonasoft. If the IRS uses Sonasoft products […]

#EyalGiladNaftali in the hands of the world’s most evil and contemptible creatures

GIVAT SHMUEL, Israel by By Doni Kandel A viral dissemination of the haunting images of Palestinian children holding up three fingers in celebration of the abduction innocent Jewish teens is definitely the most effective way to expose the backwards and animalistic nature of the Palestinian education system and their incomprehensibly warped sense of right and wrong. It has been […]