Allen West “Obama and Hillary Clinton Helped Strengthen ISIS”

Blame President Barack Obama and former secretary of State Hillary Clinton for turning Libya into a “feeding ground” for the Islamic State (ISIS), says former Rep. Allen West, president and CEO of the National Center for Policy Analysis. “Let’s understand who destabilized Libya. Unconstitutionally, not in concert with the War Powers Act Resolution,” West, a […]

Allen West “It’s time to go Medieval on Islamic jihadists”

by Allen West They are supposed to be on the defensive and losing, but according to their recent repulsive spectacle of the mass beheading of 21 Coptic Christians, ISIS is only growing stronger and more vile. It gives me some semblance of confidence that Egypt has responded quickly and harshly. Once again, we have a […]

2 VIRAL VIDEOS of Rudy Giuliani destroying Obama, Islam and Iran

February 13, 2015, in Phoenix, Arizona. Please watch part 1 of 2  of his speech. VIDEO: Raging Rudy Giuliani “What Is Wrong With Our President?!” Part 1 “What Is Wrong With Our President?!”   MUST WATCH: TWO – PART VIRAL VIDEOS of Rudy Giuliani destroying Obama, Islam and Iran

CIA Purportedly Bought and Destroyed Iraqi Chemical Weapons

via The Blaze: A mysterious seller. Internationally condemned chemical weapons. Until recently, the whole thing was a secret — and even now the Pentagon is cagey about its involvement. Working with the U.S. military, the CIA purchased some 400 Borak rockets from an Iraqi seller between 2005 and 2006, uncovering and destroying reserves of sarin nerve agent, the […]

Denver Police Chief Orders Stand Down as Protesters Vandalize Memorial to Fallen Officers

DENVER (AP) — Denver Police Chief Robert White on Sunday defended his policy ordering police not to interfere with protesters, saying he found it “disgusting” that they vandalized a memorial for fallen police officers while officers had to stand by and watch, but he said their restraint was necessary to protect the community. Protesters threw red […]

Iraq’s Shiite militias backed by Iran lead the war against ISIS, undermining U.S.

via By Liz Sly for The Washington Post: February 16, 2015 MANSOURIYA, Iraq — Shiite militias backed by Iran are increasingly taking the lead in Iraq’s fight against the Islamic State, threatening to undermine U.S. strategies intended to bolster the central government, rebuild the Iraqi army and promote reconciliation with the country’s embittered Sunni minority. With […]

Images on social media saying that ISIS has children in cages to be burned alive

The image is real, but….. THE RIGHT SCOOP gives the Arabic translation for what is not being told here. Always remember while ISIS carries out evil stunts, they are not void of carrying out sick media stunts as well, which includes this one. For decades, this method of propaganda has been used on Israel. The West […]

Egypt bombs ISIS targets in Libya after killings of 21 Coptic Christians

(CNN)Egypt hit back Monday with airstrikes aimed at ISIS-affiliated jihadists in Libya who are believed to have killed 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians, including about a dozen whose beheadings are featured in the organization’s latest video. Egyptian F-16 jets took off in the early hours of Monday to bomb ISIS camps, training areas and weapons depots in […]