Hillary Clinton Email Scandal Stage 2 and your blood is going to boil!

This makes General Petreaus look like a saint in comparison. This was premeditated and pre-planned the day Hillary Clinton was confirmed as Secretary of State. It also links the Clinton Foundation with this email server. Here is Stage 2 of the scandal that the liberal media is trying to issue her a pass on. Your […]

VIDEO: Mom destroys Common Core by demanding this from Board Members!

Mom destroys common core by explaining exactly what’s in it. Then she demands to the board “Are you smarter than a Common Core 4th grader” and has them pull out their pencils.” Unlike our representatives in Congress, Arkansas mom actually read it and lives the horror of Common Core exposing it for what it truly […]

YORK: Does State Dept trust Hillary Clinton in email flap? Signs of doubt

Byron York wrote a very interesting article today about former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. The most important thing to note in this article is the fact that she did not once volunteer the emails. Then State Dept. Spox Marie Harf can only answer that Hillary said “this is what she had” What exactly does […]

Allen West “Here are a few little known items that Obama could do by executive orders”

by Allen West Ask yourself America, why do we even have a Ways and Means Committee anymore? Heck, why does the Constitution state which branch can originate revenue-raising legislation? An additional tidbit, how many of you know that Obamacare violated the Origination Clause? Yep, when the SCOTUS ruled that Obamacare was constitutional because the individual […]