WHOA! Watch Fireworks Fly Over Clinton Emails at Lew Hearing

WHOA! Fireworks Fly Over Clinton Emails at Lew Hearing: ASK THEM ANYWHERE AND EVERYWHERE THEY ARE! Who cares what the hearing is about. The only way to get information under oath from anyone dealing with the Clinton’s is catch them when you can! This was perfectly timed no matter what the Democrat Rep had to add […]

KIRO RADIO: David Boze with LTC Allen West on Foreign Policy

DAVID BOZE with Lt. Col. Allen B. West on Foreign Policy What’s needs to be the next step taken in the fight against ISIS? Who should be the next republican nominee? Lt. Col. Allen West joins the show. LISTEN TO AUDIO BELOW LTC Allen West on Foreign Policy

DEVELOPING: IRS botches computer security. Is Taxpayer info at risk?

BREAKING: WASHINGTON TIMES REPORT The IRS sometimes uses old software without key security patches that leave its computer systems vulnerable and could endanger taxpayers’ private information, the Government Accountability Office said Thursday. GAO investigators raised the issue last year, identifying 69 weaknesses. The IRS said it had corrected two dozen of them, but the new […]

U.S. Officials contradict State Dept report on Hillary Clinton’s emails

(Reuters) – The U.S. State Department does not automatically archive the emails of its assistant secretaries of state, U.S. officials said on Thursday, contradicting the agency’s prior public statement. Assistant secretaries, who include the top diplomats for regions such as Europe, the Middle East and East Asia, are not among the group of senior officials […]

SERIOUSLY? MSNBC Mitchell To Netanyahu: ‘Why Should Obama Trust You?

Andrea Mitchell tried to bully Israeli Prime Minister, but he wasn’t having it! Mitchell’s array of badgering liberal questions and comments and not letting the Prime Minister answer her questions in their entirety, led Netanyahu to give his typical honest approach and answered them as quickly as she dished them out. Needless to say, Netanyahu […]

VIDEO: Strong Hillary Clinton supporters drop this unexpected little bombshell

  (Reuters) – Democrats’ support is softening for Hillary Clinton, their party’s presumed 2016 presidential front-runner, with many favoring an independent review of her personal email use when she was secretary of state. Support for Clinton’s candidacy has dropped about 15 percentage points since mid-February among Democrats, with as few as 45 percent saying they […]

PLAN B | Obama’s latest plot against Israel and Netanyahu

From Tel Aviv to Turtle Bay:  BY JOHN HUDSON, COLUM LYNCH for Foreign Policy The White House hoped a new Israeli prime minister would resume peace talks with the Palestinians. With Netanyahu holding on, the administration is weighing a turn to the U.N. to help force a deal. After years of blocking U.N. efforts to pressure […]